#ChasingNature Week 6 Round Up

Every week, #ChasingNature gets better and better. The amount of bloggers getting involved so far grows every week, and I’m so excited to see that people are returning to link up some more posts! Kelly (Nature Mum Blog) and I … Continue reading

A trip to Broad Haven with Grandad

I really wanted to get out this week and try out my camera properly. I wanted to go somewhere with lots of trees to capture the wonderful seasonal colours, but I wasn’t exactly sure where to go. For someone who … Continue reading

Buying a family car

When I found out I was pregnant, I quickly realised that my trusty Ford KA would no longer be suitable for me. I’d already realised my car was too small from driving the boys to Carmarthen to do a gig … Continue reading

Time to let my hair down!

Well, Esme had her 12 week injections, which she seemed to feel a lot more this time as she let out a giant scream and a few sobs! Considering she was so groggy last time she had her injections, I … Continue reading

Esme Rose and the nappy of doom!

So it’s been ten weeks since Esme came into our lives, and she’s made a huge difference! So much has happened in this time, it’s hard to summarise it! I remember after I’d given birth, I felt like I’d been … Continue reading