Why do people hate the Kardashians?

kardashiansEverybody will at some point in their lives, heard about a family called ‘The Kardashians‘. I’m told this is a photo of them all, but the only one I can identify is Kim. Apparently, they’re the kind of people that you will either love or hate, and there is no inbetween.

But, that’s a lie. I won’t pretend that I know anything about any of them, other than who may or may not be married to who, one had a sex change and one of them had a baby (or two) with Kanye West. Other than that, I don’t have any particular interest in them, and I therefore do not love them, nor do I hate them.

I have come across a few individuals over the years that ‘The Kardashians‘ have been a ‘thing’, and I really don’t understand why people dislike them so much. They’re people, just like you and me.

One of the most common reasons for hating them, is because “they’re famous for nothing.” Well, that’s not strictly true, is it? They must be famous for something. If I became famous tomorrow, it would be because I’ve done something. Whether it’s posted the most beautiful selfie known to man (let’s all laugh together) or written the worst article anybody has ever read (cough), it will be because of something. People don’t get famous for “nothing.”

If everybody stopped talking or caring about what Kim Kardashian or Caitlyn Jenner were up to, then they wouldn’t be famous any more. And, whenever I ask: “What are they famous for,” the people who are telling me how awful this family are, know exactly why. And they can tell me exactly how ‘the Jenners‘ are somehow related. Something that I still forget, because I don’t particularly care.

It goes from there, to full-on bashing Kim Kardashian‘s face. Now, one thing I do know, is what Kim Kardashian looks like. I know everybody has different tastes and different people see beauty in different things, but to call her ugly and names that are a bit more offensive than that, is not only unture but downright mean.

I understand that if you are in the spotlight then you open yourself up to criticism, but I would have liked to think that people these days were a little bit more reserved rather than openly body shaming people. These girls are obviously very attractive, and to say otherwise is most likely down to jealousy.

What I don’t understand, is why people still bother with things they don’t like. Find something you do like, and talk about how great it is, and how you think it would make others happy. Unless you get happiness out of body shaming people. In which case, don’t bother.


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