We moved! Because little people bring big things …

It’s been a while since I got my bum into gear and sat down to write something, and so much has happened in the time I’ve been away!

Our last night in Broad Haven

Our last night in Broad Haven

Last month, we left our little bungalow in Broad Haven and found ourselves back in a gorgeous house in Milford Haven. Al and I spent days packing our things away into boxes, moving them from one location to the other, then cleaning both properties so one is ready to move into, and the other is ready to leave.

I did feel a little sad leaving Wilson Meadow. It was a really lovely home, and will always be special to me: It was the place we brought our baby home to! I remember bringing Esme home and putting her in her bouncer, where she slept wrapped up in a pink blanket, with me (and probably Al) looking at her thinking: “Okay, so we’ve brought our baby home safely. What do we do now?”

We lived in Broad Haven for just over a year, having moved from a small flat in Milford Haven (I loved that place, too). We’d moved from a one bedroom flat into a two bedroom property, which was fine for Al and I, but once Esme came along, we soon realised that a little person brings many large things with them, and we needed more room to breathe (and walk).

Okay, it wasn’t THAT cramped, but we needed the space.

Goodbye little house! You were awesome!

Goodbye little house! You were awesome!

The day before we were due to hand the keys in, I returned to mop the floor and make sure everything was looking great. I then walked around the house and took pictures to remember it. When I told Al, he was a bit confused, and said: “Why didn’t you take pictures of it before we moved everything out?”

Which is a very good question!

We picked up the keys for the new house, and I couldn’t have been more excited! It’s so much bigger, with plenty more rooms, and it’s in a perfect location with a great view, and just a five minute walk from everywhere that I ever need to be.

All the rooms are much bigger than the ones we had before, and with the new house having carpets rather than laminate that we had before, Esme isn’t just confined to the rug to play on, because we were so worried she would bang her head on the hard floor.

But now, she can go anywhere she wants!

We contacted the relevant people to let them know of the move, and all was done and dusted. All we needed to do now was unpack!

But here’s the bad news. Due to the move, we couldn’t get any internet for three weeks. THREE weeks! Oh, the horror!

Al and I got by with watching FreeView TV (which wasn’t all that bad) rather than our beloved streamed TV, meaning we couldn’t watch WWE Raw or Smackdown, The Flash, The Leftovers or The Arrow, must to our disappointment.

However, it wasn’t long before it arrived, and we were back watching our favourite TV programmes.

It wasn’t just our television we missed: It was the online gaming we used to do so much. Having a PS4 in fantastic, but many games can’t be played without connection to the internet, meaning no Destiny or GTA V.

Our internet used to be quite slow in Broad Haven – it wasn’t too bad, but you couldn’t watch a video on your phone and expect to watch TV at the same time. It just couldn’t handle it.

But now, the internet speed is so much faster, online gaming has improved immenseley. We used to think GTA V crashed a lot because Rocktar* didn’t have very good servers, but I think, actually, it was us. Oops.

GTA V, as a result, was very slow and annoying, and didn’t play it very much. But since the improvement in internet speed, we can’t stop playing it! I’ve bought my character new clothes, guns, and an awesome new Lowrider.

Awesome, isn’t it!?

Once we gamers had our fill, we decided it was time to do a slight bit of decorating. I went out and bought a gorgeous new red rug from Argos for the living room. Our new living room is so much bigger than before, and the rug we had previously, then looked a little lost.

Our view from our new home!

Our view from our new home!

And with loving to shop, I grabbed my purse, jumped in the car and took to the shops straight away.

I bought rugs, a bathroom set, light shades, photo frames – you name it! I really wanted to get the house looking great for when Al got home from work, and I felt rather proud of myself.

I may put a few product reviews up at a later date if anybody’s wanting some ideas!

We’ve officially been here a month now, and it’s been fantastic (I’ve also been back in work four weeks, but that’s another story!).

Al and I have really made the house our home, and it definitely has our own personal touch.

I’m trying to resist the urge to paint the walls in various colours around the house, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to.

I’ll let you know if I give in!

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