Through the hate, there is love

I must admit, I was extremely disappointed at the Brexit result on Friday morning. I never expected we would vote out of the European Union, and it left me feeling extremely concerned.

Many people who voted leave had legitimate reasons to do so, and whilst it isn’t what I wanted, I must respect that everyone has their own opinions and beliefs. I will never be able to understand the viewpoints of everybody, because some beliefs are very far away from my own.

However, I will try.

But, since the Brexit result, I’ve seen a huge amount of casual racism – mainly on social media, as if it’s a platform for the narrow-minded people to say whatever they like without shame or consequence.

I do not know if these people are voters or not, but whatever you voted, the kind of behaviour I have seen is unacceptable.

I can’t and will never understand the way some people spread hate and speak freely about their dislike of people with a skin colour other than white, or ostracize somebody because they have a surname they don’t recognise as ‘British’.

This is not what I call “Great Britain.” This to me, sounds like a pretty awful Britain that is quite frankly, scary. I have never felt less British or patriotic in my entire life.

A black woman walking down the street, says she was shouted at by a stranger, saying: “Make Britain white again!”

What on earth!?

make britain white again

Even celebrities – Tim Minchin, for example, who is a British citizen, has had abuse on social media, by people calling him an Australian c**t who should “go home.”

Hateful notes with the words “Polish vermin” have been posted through the letterboxes of Polish residents in Cambridge, which has resulted in police investigation.

Children coming home from school crying to their parents, because they’ve been told by their classmates that they’re going to be deported back to the country they were born in.

Women wearing burkas having abuse hurled at them in the street whilst taking their children to school, waiting for the bus, shopping for groceries.

People shouting in the street: “It’s time to get rid of all the Muslims” as if it’s a dirty word, and that if you’re a Muslim then you must be of foreign descent.

British people being insulted and being told to go home, because they “look foreign.”

The ignorance is astonishing, and I don’t understand it. It makes me feel ashamed, and I feel as though I would like to personally apologise to the people who have received such horrible comments. I want them to understand that there is still hope, that through the hate there is love, along with the support of millions of people across the UK.

This hatred is not something that I, or many of my friends think is acceptable, and we are all disgusted and horrified by what is happening.

It doesn’t matter whether you voted In or Out, casual racism is not acceptable. We are all human. We are all made of the same stuff. We all bleed red.


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  1. I read an article on the local paper’s website yesterday, about the Gwent PCC encouraging people to report hate crime incidents and not suffer in silence; the comments were just full of ‘they make it up for sympathy’ and ‘they usually ask for it’. Absolutely terrifying. I suppose racists feel they have had their views legitimised by the vote, and no longer feel cowed by the social norms which have been keeping them in check. 🙁

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