The time has come for a new laptop!

When I was in sixth form, I realised I probably needed a laptop of my own. I was using my mum’s at the time to write all of my essays on, which wasn’t convenient for either of us.

I decided to have a look around online, and came across a Dell Inspiron. I looked at the spec, but all I really wanted was something with lots of space. I ended up seeing one on display in Haverfordwest Tesco, had a play around with it,
and decided that that was the laptop I wanted to get me through my A-levels.

Now, I’m afraid it no longer sees to my needs. Although it is a great laptop and has served me well, I really needed
something faster, with bigger memory, and just better in general!

I’d been thinking about getting a new laptop for a while, but hadn’t quite got around to having a look yet. Plus, it hadn’t
completely broken yet, and I didn’t really want to buy a new one until it was well and truly on its last legs.

So, eventually, there came a time when it stopped charging. It didn’t matter how long it was plugged in for, it just would not charge.

Now, that’s fine if you plan on staying in one place while you type things up or surf the net looking at pictures of cats,
but if you’re like me and like to move from the sofa to the arm chair and back again, then it simply would not do. I started looking around on the internet for a new laptop, typing questions into Google such as: “What are the best value laptops in 2015?”

Unfortunately, the only laptops that showed up were ones with extremely low memory, which is definitely not for me. I had no idea what kind of laptop I wanted. I was thinking about having another Dell, but even they didn’t really take my
fancy anymore.

So, I ended up having a look on Tesco website again, and when I found there was nothing on there that took my fancy either, I had a look on Curry’s website, where I found the HP Pavilion being advertised for £349 – £150 less that it was for sale for. This laptop comes in a number of colours, so of course, I had the difficulty of choosing which one was my favourite first.

I started asking myself questions, such as: “Do I go for the blue or the purple? Or do I go with the norm and go for black? Mind you, I’ve never had a white laptop before either!”

Inside, I know the colour of the laptop doesn’t matter in the slightest, but I want to look cool while I’m tip-tapping away on my keyboard, don’t I?

I eventually decide that the blue was my favourite colour, so I click on the link that takes me to it, which is where I see
it has 4.5 out of 5 stars on the customer reviews.

This is a major selling point for me, because customers don’t lie – if its rubbish they’ll let you know, no matter what the sales pitch is on the website. But apart from the outstanding reviews, I had already seen that it has 8GB memory and a 1TB hard drive (I did have to ask Al what that meant though!)

All I really want for my laptop is somewhere to keep all of my photos, and something to use to write stories and blogs. I saw an option to collect it from the store one hour after you reserve it online. I would have gone to get it there and then, but unfortunately this was around 9 o’clock at night, so I’d imagine they would have been closed!

I really hoped I didn’t have to choose the delivery option instead, because I knew I’d be out and about the day after and I always forget to pick up parcels from the Post Office. But I needn’t worry, because it was in stock and reserved for collection until the end of the next working day.

The next day, I arrive at Curry’s trying to hide my excitement at buying my first laptop (my mum kindly helped with my last one!)

I saw all the different coloured laptops on display, with the blue one up front. Behind, was the purple, and I have to admit, it is a lovely colour and I did have a quick tap on the keyboard to see what it was like before going to the checkout with my reservation number, but I went with the blue anyway. It is a really nice colour!

I waited for the sales assistant to collect the laptop from the back room, and when he arrived with it under his arm, he took me to a desk to complete the transaction, and managed to talk me into buying anti-virus software and a laptop sleeve (why, oh why do I get sucked in to spending more money!?)

I leave with my new laptop under my arm, and I can’t wait to get back to see what it’s like!

I arrive at Al’s mum’s, who was looking after Esme while I went off to get it, and after greeting everybody and saying hello to Esme, I quickly take the laptop out of its box and admire it.

I was really impressed with how quickly it set up – within minutes, I’d set up the laptop and was on the internet making adjustments to Chasing Esme and checking out my News Feed on Facebook.

After having the laptop for two days now, I can already see and feel how much quicker it is than my old one. It’s faster, brighter, and so easy to navigate! It’s got a lovely look to it, and I couldn’t ask for more out of a laptop!

The internet connection is so quick, and it’s an absolute pleasure to use!

I didn’t often use my Dell Inspiron, but now I’ve got my HP Pavilion, I can’t stop myself from going on it and pottering about on numerous websites just to play with it!

I’m sure the novelty will wear off at some point as it always does, but I’m most definitely impressed with this laptop! It’s great value for money and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who may be thinking about purchasing a new laptop in the near future!

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