Stop pretending you care

The debate over whether the culling of badgers should happen is something that is still generating a lot of heat from people around west Wales, with people calling it cruel to have to kill cows that have contracted tuberculosis (TB).

But, if you’re against killing cows for TB, then why aren’t you against the killing of cows all together? Why does it make you sad that a calf has to go without its mother after it has been killed thanks to TB, but it doesn’t make you sad if it is killed for slaughter, for humans to eat? And with the alternative being to cull badgers, that also means that a cub will go without its mother or father.

I understand that it is a very simplistic way of looking at it, but if we all decided to stop using animals as slaves to the meat and dairy industry, the whole argument of culling badgers would cease to exist.

We don’t need meat, and we don’t need dairy. Cows, sheep, pigs – you name it – we don’t need them to be in our ‘food chain’. We can survive and be perfectly healthy without it.

The whole purpose of a badger cull is to protect the meat industry. It is not to protect cows themselves, it is to protect the pockets of the people who make money out of the animals.

Animals are slaughtered every day for us to eat, and nobody gets angry about it. Unless of course, they are slaughtered under the halal procedure. Then everybody has something to complain about, while being completely oblivious to the fact that halal slaughter isn’t more or less humane than the slaughter that is conducted in abattoirs all over the UK and further.

Cows, sheep and pigs receive a metal bolt into the brain, causing them to lose consciousness. Sheep, calves and pigs, will receive an electrical current passing through their brains via a large pair of tongs, causing temporary loss of consciousness. Pigs can also be slaughtered by being exposed to high concentrations of gas.

Do you still think this is humane?

I find it so frustrating that people pretend to care about young animals being left without its mother or father, when all they really care about is a shortage of steak on the shelves at the supermarket.

If you were genuinely bothered about it, or prepared to follow sentiment to its logical conclusion, you would stop buying into it, and become either vegetarian or vegan.

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