So, we went to Download! Part 2

I published last week what we did for the first half our weekend at the Download Festival, which you can read here.

We awoke on Saturday and were met with a dry day – a good start! I’d already decided Friday night that I wanted to buy some wellies, so we took a trip down to the main arena as soon as the gates opened.

New wellies!

New wellies!

I found a pair I liked in my size, and begrudgingly handed over £25 for them. We stood around for a little while wondering whether or not we should go back to the van or have a wander around, when a stranger approached us, and said: “Look, it’s Baron Corbin!”

The only reason he told us was because Al was wearing his Austin 3:16 tshirt. I was immediately regretting not wearing one of the two wrestling tshirts I had brought with me. I had brought both my Finn Balor tshirt and my Dean Ambrose one, and had instead opted for my Ramones top.

Which, in all fairness, is still pretty cool, but I did wish I’d worn something different.

It took a few moments for me to work out whether this guy was being genuine, before I turned around and saw a small queue of people waiting to say hello and taking photographs.

We decided to join in the queue. Obviously.

Al shook his hand, and told him how awesome he was the night before, when he had a match in the NXT tent.

Then it was my turn. I turned into a complete fan girl, and instead of shaking his hand when all out Bayley on him and gave him a hug. I have no idea whether he minded or not – hopefully he didn’t!

Looking like a munchkin standing next to a giant, I also told him that I think he’s awesome, had a photo, and walked away grinning like a Cheshire cat!

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We ended up going back to the van, and having a few beers before going back out again to watch the second lot of wrestling in the afternoon.

This time it was packed, and we didn’t manage to get a seat. However, we did manage to get quite close to the front by standing by one of the corners.

When I went out the second time, I purposely put on my Finn Balor top, just in case!

The wrestling was absolutely amazing – I loved every second, and even got the chance to see the likes of Asuka, Carmella, and my favourite – Finn Balor!


I was absolutely desperate for a wee, but I thought I’d hang around for the last match in case it was somebody I liked. Three wrestlers came out ready for a tag team match, and I was waiting on the fourth. With that, smoke started bellowing from either side of the stage.

I stood on tip toes, craning my neck to see who it was, and with that, Finn Balor’s music began.

The crowd went wild!

Finn Balor, looking amazing

Finn Balor, looking amazing

I then decided to stay and watch the match, practically crossing my legs throughout the match, and take some photos to show my folks back at home.

I saw Finn running to the side of the ring near me, and I thought I’d take a quick snap. I managed to get a perfect action shot – I’m not quite sure how I managed it, but I’m very proud of my awesome photo!

My amazing action shot!

My amazing action shot!

We wandered around for a little while and went to watch Skindred. Wonderfully energetic, Skindred played with such passion it was electric!

My phone started to buzz, and it was Nanny Jill with a hello message from Esme and a photograph. I decided to send one back of Al and I, and managed to capture one of my favourite photos of Al and I ever!


Watching Skindred in the rain!

Later on that night, all the Downloaders were treated to a performance from Black Sabbath – their last gig at Castle Donington.

The rain didn’t seem to bother anybody, and everybody jumped around as Ozzy belted out songs such as War Pigs, Iron Man and Paranoid.

I thought they sounded brilliant, however Ozzy didn’t get much praise from others. Many people found that his voice wobbled and veered through the songs, but Ozzy certainly looked the part, and despite his age still managed to perform with Black Sabbath with a huge amount of energy.

Al and I went back to the van, had a couple of beers and turned in for the night.

The next morning, it was absolutely tipping it down! Al and I had a look at all the bands that were on that day, and it was only Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes that took our interest. Iron Maiden were on in the evening, but I’ve never really been a massive fan (I know, I know. Don’t judge!)

We decided to pack away and start making our way home.

Once we’d got everything put away, I put on Spotify, searched for some awesome tunes and drove away. All was well, until i realised I’d forgotten something.

I realised that I’d put my DC skate shoes underneath the van to dry on Friday night, and I’d completely forgotten about them. I ended up leaving them there, and driving off without them, which is very sad!

So, if anyone finds these shoes, they’re most likely mine!


Our weekend away at the Download Festival – although it was wet – was wonderful. I can’t wait for next year, and am already planning on buying next year’s ticket as soon as they’re available!

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