Rocking out to The Wildhearts: Best thing ever!

Download Festival 2014, with Jon Poole, Ginger Wildheart and Chris Catalyst on stage!

Download Festival 2014, with Jon Poole, Ginger Wildheart and Chris Catalyst on stage!

On Thursday, the Trunk Shot boys: Al, Dave and Tommy; and their other halves: ClaireRhian and I, all went to Bristol to watch Ginger Wildheart and the gang at the 20 year anniversary of the P.H.U.Q. album!

I was born the same year as the album, so I wouldn’t have remembered its release. However, being a new Wildhearts fan thanks to Al, I jumped at the chance to see them.

I’d only ever seen The Wildhearts at the Download Festival in Donington in 2014, and they were absolutely fantastic!

We also watched Ginger’s acoustic set, which Al and I extremely enjoyed, as you can tell from the photo! That festival will always be a very special memory to me, because it was the first festival

I’d ever been to, and was two days after we found out we were expecting!

We were first to be picked up

We were first to be picked up

Then we met Tommy and Rhian!

Then we met Tommy and Rhian!

On the morning of the gig, Al and I dropped Esme off at her Nanny’s, and we were picked up from there by Dave and Claire.

From there, we met Rhian and Tommy in Llanelli and carried on towards Bristol.

Thankfully, there wasn’t much traffic, so we arrived at the Travelodge in Bristol in plenty of time, which gave me enough time to adjust my make up to something a little heavier (lots of black eye shadow and eye liner!).

Once we’d all settled, we had a drink in the bar down stairs, then ventured off to the pub opposite the O2 Academy, which is conveniently, just a five minute walk from the hotel.

The pub, called The Hatchet Inn, is a really lovely, Tudor-style pub built in 1606, and is directly opposite the O2 Academy.

The moment we saw Ritch Batersby. Al couldn't resist a fist bump!

The moment we saw Ritch Batersby.
Al couldn’t resist a fist bump!

We had a few drinks in there, where I saw Chris Catalyst, lead singer and guitarist of the Eureka Machines (one of my favourite bands) and stand in guitarist for Hey! Hello!

The moment I tried too hard to look pretty after having too many drinks when I first met Jon Poole.

The moment I tried too hard to look pretty after having too many drinks when I first met Jon Poole in Weston-Super-Mare.

I also saw The Wildhearts’ drummer Ritch Battersby outside, and The Wildhearts’ bass player, Jon Poole, at the bar, who

I’d previously met in Weston-Super-Mare when I went to see Ginger’s Songs and Words tour!
I doubt he remembered me, which is why I started the conversation saying: “Hey Jon! Remember me? I saw you in Weston-Super-Mare!”

He probably still couldn’t remember ever seeing my face before, but he was very polite about it anyway and we had a quick chat, which was lovely!

We finished up and made our way into the venue to make sure we were there on time to see Hey! Hello! and Baby Chaos. I made my way to the merchandise stand, and bought myself a new Wildhearts 3D TV t-shirt and a P.H.U.Q. hoodie, which I love!

I know some people hate wearing t-shirts to gigs they bought outside, but I always do, so I quickly went to the ladies to change!

Hey! Hello! were on first, who were absolutely awesome. The lead singer, Hollis, who also sings for the Love Zombies was on top form, and totally rocked it as a front woman.

I got totally excited when I heard the opening of Honour – I freakin’ love that song!

Chris Catalyst was standing right in front of us, rocking out on his guitar. I couldn’t help drunkenly singing (well, shouting) lyrics from various songs by the Eureka Machines, because I really wanted him to know I was a fan (the things we do after a few drinks!).

Next up were Baby Chaos, playing us songs from their new album Skulls. I must admit, I hadn’t heard much of their stuff beforehand, but they sounded awesome! I think I’m going to have to invest in their album in the near future!

Al and I at the front of the crowd!

Al and I at the front of the crowd, with me wearing my new Wildhearts gear!

After having our fill of drinks and making sure we’d all been to the loo, we were ready for The Wildhearts.

We were really lucky, as we managed to get right to the front, so we had an amazing view, and were able to hold onto the barriers while jumping up and down and headbanging so we didn’t lose our balance!

We were standing right infront of CJ Wildheart, with Ginger in the middle, Jon at the far end and Ritch at the back.

First up was ‘I Wanna Go Where The People Go’, which got me straight into the headbanging mood, shouting: “Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!” at the opportune moments.


After they’d finished playing the album, there was a small interval, to which the audience all sang ‘Don’t Worry About Me’ in unison.

It wasn’t long before The Wildhearts were back, playing some of my favourite tracks of theirs, such as ‘Caffeine Bomb’, ‘Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes’ and ‘Headfuck’.

The end of the gig came too soon, and we all shuffled out of the doors into the street feeling ridiculously delighted with what we’d all seen.

We then decided that the best thing to round the night off was to go grab some food, so we all made our way to what looked like a main street (don’t ask me what it was called – it was dark and I’d had a few drinks). Al and I grabbed a tray of these amazing tasting chips while everyone else bought pizza and chicken, and we made our way back to the hotel.

It was an extremely fantastic night, and I was proud that I didn’t have a hangover in the morning.

However, I had given myself a neck injury from rocking out, just a little too hard!

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