Our lovely visit to Greenacres Rescue

12591956_10207830104684066_646771394_oLast week, Esme, Nanny Bev and I visited Greenacres Rescue to say hello to all the beautiful animals.

Greenacres is a small, non profit, animal rescue centre in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside, and was founded in June 2008, when the need for their effort was recognised. They try their very best to help any animal in need and rely heavily on a small band of dedicated volunteers to achieve their aims. They believe that every animal deserves a second chance, and they need your help to do just that.

However, when people decide they want a new addition to the family by way of a furry friend, it’s not often they turn to an animal shelter to get one. This could be for a number of reasons: Not knowing the animal’s background, or not wanting to bother with going through the ‘hassle’ of having a home check, or not trusting the animal around your children.

It’s understandable that you’d want to play it safe around your children, and that’s fine! But, not all cats and dogs from shelters have been mistreated or have unpredictable personalities, and would be perfect companions for your little ones!

And, I wanted to show you this, by bringing Esme to say hello to the animals!

Although Greenacres Rescue works with both dogs and cats, and have helped a host of other animals along the way, their priority always to save animals in danger, some of whom are pound dogs with just seven days before most councils will put them to sleep, so they constantly require loving homes for the animals lucky enough to end up in their care.

We didn’t say hello to many doggies, but we did get to see some beautiful Lucher pups, and a tri-coloured border collie puppy. They were absolutely adorable, and I wish I could have taken one home!

We did, however, say hello to lots and lots of cats, and I was extremely surprised to see how affectionate and loving they all were.

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I bought a black cat about three or four years ago for my mum. He was meant to be a Mother’s Day present, but the lady I was buying him off wanted him to be picked up a week earlier, so I agreed, and he was brought home for Easter instead.

To be truthful, he was a present to myself, because I really wanted an animal. I’ve always really wanted a dog, ever since I knew what one was. I don’t think I know anyone who has wanted a dog more than I do, and still not owned one! So, this little black ball of fur came home with me in a little box, who was named Clouseau a few days later (The ‘Black’ Panther instead of Pink …)

Years later, and I'm still glued to my laptop!

Years later, and I’m still glued to my laptop!

You’d have thought having a cat from a kitten, that you’d be able to raise it as an affectionate cat. However, Clouseau isn’t at all. He would rather growl at you and take a swipe at your hand rather than let you smooth him.

Admittedly, he’s not all doom and gloom and will let you cuddle him for a little while. But, he’d prefer to be chasing butterflies in the garden.

He does like a cuddle sometimes!

He does like a cuddle sometimes!


I thought most cats were like that. I genuinely thought that affectionate cats were hard to come by, but every cat we met at Greenacres wanted a cuddle, and they were all excellent with Esme.

There was one black and white cat that really took a shine to her. Esme wasn’t sure what to think, but this cat wanted to show her some love!

This cat loved Esme!

This cat loved Esme!

Esme tried to push him away at one point, as if she’d rather have her own space right now, but this cat didn’t take it that way at all, and instead proceeded to rub his face against her chest (which I found extremely amusing).

Also at the shelter are some beautiful donkeys, who I would take home in an instant if I had the land! They were all so gentle and beautiful, and I let one of them sniff Esme’s head. She wasn’t too impressed, and said: “No, no, no!”

12631117_10207829980320957_1218079928_oWe also said hello to some very vocal and sociable ducks, who decided that they’d really like to have a walk around the grounds to chat to the furry residents. Amazingly, the cats weren’t phased by them at all!

12591743_10207830065763093_1530651778_oI had a chat with one of the team members at Green Acres, who told me that they have no strict rules on who can or cannot adopt.

Many shelters have a strict policy, that says no family with children under the age of 5 can adopt a dog. However, Green Acres do not want to rule out any families, so do an assessment themselves. They also don’t rule out anybody who does or does not work.

I wish I could bring home one of the beautiful animals at the shelter – they’re all so beautiful! But, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to spare.

However, if you feel as though you can spare a place in your home and heart, then get in touch with Greenacres!

This is Paul: A wonderfully affectionate feline!

This is Paul: A wonderfully affectionate feline!

Before adoption, every one of the animals is vet health checked, treated for parasites and neutered if they are of the appropriate age. Puppies are also given a full course of vaccinations and are microchipped.

The adoption fee they request it a minimum of £100 for an adult dog, £130 for a fully vaccinated puppy, or just £30 for a microchipped cat or kitten. Greenacres receive absoultely no public funding, and rely entirely on supporter fundraising or public donations, so please don’t be put off the price tag!

If however, it is not the right time for you to adopt, you can make a cash donation or contribute to their practical wishlist via their website.


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  1. The animals are so lovely. Mum’s dog, Toby, is from Greenacres, he is so cuddly and affectionate-a really lovely dog. He’s just very big and a bit crazy too (in a good way)! Our first family cat was really cuddly and always on our laps but then our second cat was so different and would prefer to be out in the wild too. xxx

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