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The first time I went horse riding in the dark, it wasn’t so bad. Well, it was pretty damn dark and more awkward to do things, but it was lighter the first time. The second time I went, I seriously could not see a thing.

I arrived at the yard and found Lynne, and we decided to go get some straw for Cassie’s stable before we went to get her from the field. We took the wheelbarrow and made our way toward where the straw is kept. But, we could barely see a thing.

We both had the torched out on our phones, but trying to shine a torch and look for the straw wasn’t easy. After a bit of tugging and pulling, we son realised that it wouldn’t be possible to do it from where we were standing. So, I climbed over the gate and stood on top of the hay, so it was easier for me to pull it down.

img_3969 img_3971

Straw us surprisingly hard. It’s not the comfy bed you imagine it to be! It’s actually quite pokey, and I managed to poke myself on it multiple times whilst I was up there.

Once I managed to get some down, we took it back to the stable and prepared it before getting Cassie. I tried to take a few photos to show you all how dark it really is, but because it’s so dark my camera could barely focus! The only way we could do it was if Lynne walked in front.


We brought Cassie into the stable and I went off to get the brushes, where I found a little mouse hiding in the box. I tried to take a photo of him, but I could only catch his bum. I thought he might be trapped, so I moved the box to let him out. I quickly realised he wasn’t trapped at all and was just chilling, because he jumped out of the box as quick as a flash, and ran down the wall and out of sight behind the boxes on the floor.

Bottom left of the box, you can see a little mouse bum and a tail!

Bottom left of the box, you can see a little mouse bum and a tail!

I collected the brushes, and we put on Cassie’s reigns and saddle, and went out for a ride.

It was so dark that we couldn’t see into the fields that surround the sand school, and Cassie wasn’t that comfortable with it – especially when the horse in the next field decided to neigh at a ridiculously high volume, and gallop to the top of the field. There were also some pretty big puddles that we had to go through, and Cassie isn’t a big fan of those either!


We did managed to take a little video though! Please ignore the fact that Cassie was being a right mare and didn’t fancy having a jump.

Cassie wasn’t the easiest to control. I don’t think she particularly liked the idea of going out in the cold – especially when it was dark. I suppose I understand that! She really didn’t fancy the jumps, and I’m not sure why. I think it might be because there’ a very dark shadow underneath the jump, and to her this might look like it’s a bigger jump than it is.

I really enjoy riding, but horse riding in the dark is something that does make me more nervous than I am when its light. I’m not normally a nervous rider, but in the dark it’s a different story.

I might start wearing my body protector again!



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  1. I used to love horse riding. Can’t say I’ve ever tried in the dark though! BUT I did gallop along a beach in Pembrokeshire when I was a teenager. The only time I have ever galloped!

    • Haha! I can see where I’m going in the sand school (it’s an enclosed area with lighting, although it’s not very bright), it’s just the fields adjacent to it we can’t see in to. It’s pitch black!

  2. Well I didn’t know that horse riding in the dark was an actual thing until I read this…definitely not one to add to my bucket list but it was entertaining to read about your experience! Angharad x

  3. Is this a thing? Sounds super scary to me, so I give you major props. I don’t even like hiking at night, and I’m using my own feet for that.

    • I get surprised at how many people ask if it’s a thing. Haha! I don’t think I’ve ever thought about it as being a thing, more as something you can’t avoid. I only get to go horse riding once a week and it’s always been the same time. In summer, it’s perfect, because the weather is perfect and you can go as far as you like. I couldn’t just give up horse riding throughout winter because it was dark, so I’ve got to go after it gets dark 🙂

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  5. Oh I could not ride in the dark Far too scary! Think you need a head torch for yard work makes it so much easier, I use mine to go and check the goats late at night #chasingnature

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