KidloLand toddler app: Review by Chasing Esme


KidloLand is a popular app for toddlers, and is a brilliant alternative to YouTube! Children (especially Esme) can often get frustrated with the adverts before the video starts on YouTube, and can sometimes find themselves watching inappropriate videos for their age and ability that don’t hold their attention.

Esme loves watching videos, and when she’s watching them I have the chance to get things done around the house or have a wash while she’s watching them. But, if she gets bored with a video that’s not interesting enough for her, I’ll find my phone had been tossed half way across the living room floor!

Esme often prefers to scroll through the recommended videos before the one she’s watching has finished, because it just isn’t holding her attention and she’s fed up with it. However, it’s different with KidloLand. KidloLand is specifically designed for children under the age of 5.

There’s no adverts, it’s completely interactive and it’s all ago appropriate. There’s a huge range of choice, with other 700 interactive nursery rhymes, songs, stories and educational activities.

Even Arthur is interested!

Even Arthur is interested!

It wasn’t long before Esme learnt how to navigate around the app by herself, and click on the things she wanted to watch. She especially enjoys watching ‘5 Baby Dinos Jumping On The Bed’, ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and a song about an elephant.

Within every activity, Esme could touch different parts of the screen to make them move, dance or make a noise. This is a feature I love, because Esme would often click off the video she was watching on YouTube by accidentally touching the screen. Here, she can touch it as much as she likes! It kept her attention and helped her learn different things, such as numbers, letters, animals and occupations.

It was also a wonderful change from the regular ‘Daddy Finger’ songs, or videos of somebody opening a “suprise egg” (they’re Kinder eggs in my book anyway), which has no educational value at all.

The songs all have lyrics so that you can join in, and we’ve found ourselves learning the songs and signing them around the house, and whilst travelling in the car to pass the time, and in an attempt to help Esme forget that she really wants ice cream at 7am. The wonderful animations are perfect, coupled with beautiful bright colours!

14689090_10210778242198158_931184592_oEsme absolutely loves the app, and I’m more than happy to let her play with it – even if it means I lose my phone for a while!

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DISCLAIMER: Chasing Esme was provided with a six month subscription in order to review the product.

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