Running is hard

cardif halfSo, a few months ago, my work colleagues asked if I wanted to take part in the Cardiff Half Marathon with them in October.

I jumped at the chance, along with everybody else, and began to get rather excited about it!

I couldn’t quite decide what charity I wanted to run for at first, but in the end I went with Parkinson’s UK.
I was quite attracted to the idea of training, because I still had quite a cardiff half numberbit of a jelly belly,which I desperately wanted to get rid of! I downloaded the ‘My Asics’ app so I could track how far I was running, and have a set routine for me to stick to.

I tapped in my details and said I could run for an hour. It told me to start off running two miles, which at first, I thought would be easy.

After doing my first run, I realised it wasn’t as easy as I thought, so I adjusted the settings so I could do runs that were a little easier!

I took to the Sports Direct website, where I bought bright yellow Karrimor running shoes, along with black and flourescent yellow running tights and tops.


My thought process was that I wanted to be easily seen if I’m going to be running on the road (and to be fair, you can see me pretty easily), but only after I bought them did I realise I might look slightly like a bumble bee, but it didn’t bother me too much!

I began running on Broad Haven beach, because it seemed the nicest option, but after about a month of training, I became less enthusiastic about it.

I started pole dancing with Defy Gravity, and I was getting fitter and stronger through that. I was basically thinking I’d leave training until end of August/early September, and then hit it hard!

My new trainers!

My new trainers!

The end of August came and I hadn’t run anywhere in about three weeks. The last run I’d done was four miles, and it was tough! But, I did feel like I could have run further, but I just couldn’t really be bothered to go any further!

A few colleagues decided they’d run the Cardiff 10k as a warm up on September 5, and I wish I’d joined them! Instead, I did my own 10k in Pembrokeshire – I ran from Broad Haven to Nolton (okay, I walked quite a bit). I did it in 1 hour and 20 minute, and it was a lot better than I thought it would be, but my feet hurt like hell! I was actually quite impressed with myself at how quick I did it!
swansea 102

What was great about it though, was that I knew then that if I signed up for a 10k that I would be able to do it.

With that, I signed up for the Swansea 10k, which is on September 20! I’ve bought some new Asics Cumulus-16 trainers, which are made especially for running long distance, so I my feet should feel a bit better this time!
I’ve also got a fresh outfit to match them (black and blue this time), and my plan is to try them out on Monday – wish me luck!

I’m definitely going to buckle down with the training in the weeks leading up to the Cardiff Half Marathon. Even if I don’t manage to run all of it, I’ll cross the finish line walking if I have to!

If you would like to donate, please visit – thank you in advance for any donations!

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