How to beat the January blues!

Once Christmas is all over and done with, and we’ve said goodbye to the old year and hello to the new, we can often feel deflated, feeling filled with the January blues.

January is here already! Photo credit:

January is here already! Photo credit:

The holidays are over, the weather is miserable, and we’re recovering from weeks of alcohol consumption and binge eating. January can start with us not feeling as refreshed as we’d like.

It doesn’t help that the majority of us returned to work this morning (including myself) which is a bit of a bummer.

One thing you can do to make yourself seem brighter is to book a holiday for as long as you like. You don’t have to book something extravagant and luxurious, you could just go with a weekend away. Personally, I’d rather go for the weekend away, considering the amount of money spent over Christmas!

Thankfully, we've got going to see these guys to look forward to!

Thankfully, we’ve got going to see these guys to look forward to!

Thanks to the Christmas present I bought for Al, we’ve already got the week off booked in preparation for our night away to see Bowling For Soup at the 02 Academy in Bristol next month, so I’m not feeling too down in the dumps!

A holiday gives you the time and space to do the things that make you happy. Looking forward to the holiday can lift your spirits, and the excitement you feel in anticipation of the holiday makes you feel good, thanks to the release of endorphins!

If you’re got some Christmas money left over and you haven’t splurged on booking yourself a holiday, pamper yourself! Get your nail or hair done, and relax. Having a makeover can leave you feeling refreshed, and can boost your confidence dramatically.


Why not take a woodland walk, weather permitting?

Why not take a woodland walk, weather permitting?


If the weather isn’t too bad, why not embrace the winter season and go out for a walk? You don’t have to go on your own – invite a friend with you. It helps if you bring a dog, because it gives you a reason to go out.

If you haven’t got a dog and know someone who has, ask if you can join them when they go out to walk it. Dogs love going to the woods or a beach – even at this time of year! But it can help you get yourself up and get going.

It’s also a form of exercise, which is something we all probably need after the Christmas holidays. Having eaten many mince pies and turkey (not at the same time, of course), many people make themselves a resolution to get fit. Just a simple walk can help you get started. You don’t need to get to the gym and start lifting weights straight away to get used to exercise. You can start light and build yourself up.

January brings with it the sales in the shops, offering the gifts they couldn’t sell before Christmas at half the price. This fills me with joy from head to toe – I love a good bargain!

Either shop online, or get down the shops and have a browse. Getting out of the house might brighten your mood, and coming home with bags of shopping that you paid next to nothing for will definitely make you feel better!

As long as you don’t spend all your money on junk.

If you are suffering from the January blues, remember that it’s only 31 days (and we’ve got through four of them already), and we’ll soon be into February and celebrating Valentine’s Day (and Esme’s first birthday – eek!)

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