Short hair, don’t care.

All those who know me well, and even those who don’t, understand how I have a need to chop and change my hairstyle every so often.

And before we start, I’m going to apologise in advance for the amount of selfies I’ve included in this post.
I’ve had pink, blue, blonde, black, brown, ginger, and even green in the past, and have gone from long to short and back again in an instant!

My favourite colour!

My favourite colour!

My blonde look in between colours!

My favourite colour of all time has got to be the pink. Due to my area of work, I don’t get to experiment with vibrant colours that often, so whilst I was on maternity leave, I thought I’d better make the most of my hair freedom!

I initially wanted to go blue, but thought that pink might be easier, so I stripped it, bleached it and dyed it blonde to even it out before picking a colour.


After careful consideration, I decided to go for Rubine by Directions. It was a little tricky to apply, as it’s made from henna and stains EVERYTHING in sight. Thankfully, I had an application brush to put it on neatly, and it came out perfect!

Looking back, it wasn’t that bad after all!

The colour didn’t pften stay for very long, because I’m a sucker when it comes to wasing my hair every day. It’s not that I’m a hygeine freak, it’s more that if I haven’t washed my hair, then I can’t style it properly.

My hair dryer is my best friend, and Al cannot understand why I have to use it ever day, even when I had my pixie crop last year!

After that, I went blue. I plucked up the corouge, and stripped the pink out of my hair to get back to blonde. I had quite a lot of pink still left in it, but I was really happy with the result.

Sophie, Esme and I after my blue hair attempt!

Sophie, Esme and I after my blue hair attempt!

Then, I decided to bleach it again, because my dark roots had started to show.

Now, here’s where the problems lie.
I started to panic, because within minutes of applying the bleach, the blonde already in my hair started to turn a mint colour. Instant regret set in, and I washed it off soon after.

Thankfully, my hair wasn’t the minty green I thought it would be (it might have looked kinda cool if I’d left it like that), and didn’t look too bad.

Al warned me not to put too much on my hair in one go, and informed me that the bleach keeps working up to a week after application. I didn’t know about this, and replied with: “Really? Surely not!”


He then asked me how I thought normal bleach worked, and I saw his point. I’m surprised he didn’t tell me not to call him Shirley. Maybe he did, I can’t remember.

However, I did that typical ‘Tamsin’ thing and didn’t listen to Al’s advice, and decided to dye my hair blue sooner than recommended regardless. And, I instantly regretted it.

Looking back, it wasn’t half as bad as I thought at the time, but my roots were more green than blue. The rest of it though, was a lovely deep blue colour, that I loved.

I’d had enough of the blue quite quickly, and decided to strip it. What a disaster.

My hair went bright green, and it looked terrible.

Extensions are great, but natural is more comfortable!

Extensions are great, but natural is more comfortable!

I then went from brown to red, to purple and black. Then, as you know, I had extensions put in. Everyone was actually quite surprised with how long I had them in for, because I’m prone to changing my mind a lot.

I had them from August until October, which might be a personal best for ‘Most Amount of Time Between Hair Styles’.

In between having extensions and my new style!

In between having extensions and my new style!


Although I enjoyed having my hair long, I did find that it was no comparison to having your own head of hair that you can do whatever you like with, without worrying if it’s going to fall out or go dry too quickly, so, I decided that I would grow it long again.


But, then (you guessed it), I changed my mind (again) and thought I’d try going back to short short hair!

After looking at different hair styles on google, I decided that really, all I wanted was to have it as short as possible on the sides and as long as possible on the top, without it looking silly. I booked myself an appointment at Roxanne’s, and sat down in the chair.

I showed Roxanne a picture of a hairstyle I liked, and she informed me that the hairstyle I liked involved shaving my hair. Reluctantly, I obliged, and to be fair, it did look awesome.

Half an hour later, my transformation was complete, and I was totally loving it! And still am!

At first, I was a bit unsure about the colour, because a lot of black had been cut out, and I had half of my natural colour and half black hair.

Roxanne never fails to do an amazing job, and somehow, always styles it perfectly, and I can never manage to get the same results! She must have magic fingers or something. After leaving Roxanne’s, I grabbed a hair stripper from Boots, and went to work on my head.

New hair style! I love it!

New hair style! I love it!

I wasn’t sure that it had done anything, but after washing it out and drying it, although slightly ginger at first, I was back to my normal hair colour!

I’m extremely tempted to go a gingery-auburn colour, but I think I might enjoy being my natural colour for a while.

It’s quite cool though, because all of that colour build up I had has been cut out, so it’s like starting all over again as far as dying my hair is concerned.

I change my hair so often, I’m impressed people don’t put bets on how much time will pass before changes. I give it a month.


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