It’s time to get extensions!

I had my hair cut to a bob in March 2014 from having really long hair, and then I went for a pixie crop about three months later.

While I loved my pixie crop hairdo, I didn’t think it was really my style. I missed being able to flick and play with my hair, so decided to grow it out again.

It took me from June 2014 to June 2015 to get it long enough to have it cut back into the style I had before – long at the front and short at the back – and I was really nervous doing it!


My hair had finally started looking like it was getting long again, but I decided to go for it and have it cut, because that was the whole reason I was growing it!

I had it cut and I loved it, and I kept it from June until August. I wanted to have something different, but I couldn’t decide whether I wanted it cut back to a pixie, or should I get extensions?

After lots of consideration, I decided to take the plunge and go for hair extensions.

I looked around on Facebook at all the different hair extension specialist like pages, and decided I’d go for Indie Beauty & Extensions with Victoria Bambrough-Barrett.

Victoria only uses real hair, and first trained with Balmain in July 2006. She has been doing hair extensions for 9 years, and has also been trained in cosmetic tattooing.

I wanted someone who had experience with putting in extensions for people with short hair, because I was really concerned with the blending of my hair and the extensions. I’d looked at her like page and found a number of people with short hair on there with the most amazing extensions ever!

Victoria had done dreadlock extensions for me before, and I absolutely loved them, so I’d pretty much decided who I wanted to do them for me anyway, and the pictures on her page finalised it for me.

I wanted to have black extensions because I thought that would be the easiest for matching the colour, so I dyed my hair black from the faded red it was before, and started getting excited!

I arrived at Roxanne’s for my appointment and saw Victoria getting ready for me. I sat down in my chair in front of the mirror, and was shown the hair that was about to be attached to my head. I sat there stroking it – I couldn’t believe how silky it was!

I was given a lovely cup of tea, and I sat down to relax – or so I though!

I knew from past experience that having extensions put in wasn’t a breeze, because your hair has to be pulled tight to attach them properly, but the extensions hurt more than the dreadlocks!

The dreadlocks were more heavy than anything, so the ache came after I had them, but with these, it was only when I was having them put in that my scalp felt sore!

I had micro ring extensions, which means the extensions are literally applied through a micro ring, which are clamped by a plyers to keep the extensions in place.

In total, it took four hours to put 200 strands of hair on my head, but oh my gosh – I love them!

So, if you fancy going for long hair, contact Victoria on 07772257605.
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It’s time to get extensions! — 2 Comments

    • Thank you! It was growing out a bit then – that was about three months after I had it done. It was a bit short for me when I first had it done, but I liked it that length. Might go back to it one day 😛 xx

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