Growing out a pixie


I last had my hair cut in early February, and have been trying to grow out my short back and sides for about seven months.

This has been a long and gruelling process, and I had forgotten how frustrating it was growing out my hair the first time I had a pixie crop. Next time I mention getting a pixie again, somebody show me this post.

I have tried my best to grow it out gracefully, but it hasn’t quite worked. I went through the stage of a long pixie, to looking like a tramp, to having what looked like a bowl cut, crossed with a bob gone wrong. Thankfully, I think it’s starting to look more like a bob now, although it does need to grow just a little bit more for me to not feel sad every time I look in the mirror.

new hairI had it cut short around November/December. I liked the idea of having my hair short again, and I was pleased with it once I had it done. I really wanted to go blonde, so bleached my hair before Christmas. I managed to do it, and I was quite pleased with it!

I managed to bleach it from brown, and put a dye over it to even out the colour. I really fancied having white blonde hair, but it’s really difficult to achieve without damaging your hair, so I decided to leave it the way it was.

14409236_10210581326755395_9151301_nAfter about a month, I decided I wanted to get rid of the long hair I had and turn it into a pixie. This is when I cut it myself. And, to be fair, I think I did a really good job!

Seeing as it was blonde, I thought it was a great opportunity to take advantage of getting a bright, vibrant colour out of it. After spending ages wondering whether I wanted to go red or purple, I went for red. And, it was so vibrant! I really liked the red, and I think it did actually suit me.

14408758_10210581326835397_115365967_nAfter a while, my roots started to come through and it didn’t look as good any more, I decided to plum for black.A safe option for me, because I know it looks fine. My eyes and eyebrows are really dark, so when I dye my hair black I don’t look too bad with it. I actually kinda like black hair!

Al and I went to see Bowling For Soup on February 15, so that weekend I decided to get my hair cut. I had it all evened out so that there weren’t bits sticking out everywhere and my hair wasn’t stupidly uneven (cutting your own hair is hard). After that, I decided to go blonde again.

I’m so indecisive!

But, this time, I damaged my hair. Having bleached it a lot in a short period of time, I’d caused my hair to become stringy and dry, and there wasn’t a lot I could do about it. After that, my hair wouldn’t take to dye very well. My roots would always take perfect, but the damaged hair was really hard to treat.


After being blonde for a couple of months, I went for a regular brown. I think it was one of XXL colours – and it looked okay – but the damage was done and it was really hard to rectify. I tried everything from hair masks to lotions, but it just needed time. And lots of it.

Lots of people say that the XXL colours don’t bode well with their hair, and they find it makes their hair feel really dry. However, I find the dye to be really lovely, and I’ve never had a problem with it. My hair always feels nourished and soft, so I decided to stick with the brand.

Before Al and I went to Download in June, I decided to have another change of look, and dyed my hair red using Red Passion by XXL. I really liked this colour and I kept it for a long time. My hair, for the first time in ages, looked as though it was healthy, and the colour seemed to even out, mixing the damaged hair with the healthy hair.


After a while, the damaged bit of my hair started to go pink, and I became concerned about putting chemicals into my hair all the time.

I looked into using henna hair dye from Lush, and seeing as I really liked having red hair, I chose to go with Caca Rouge. I bought it with my birthday money, and was extremely eager to try it out!

I knew that the colour change would be gradual, but I hoped it would just keep the colour looking healthy and moisturised.

If you’re looking to dye your hair quickly with minimal mess, don’t bother using henna hair dye from Lush. The first application was a bit messy. I’d read online that it’s easier to mix if you grate the block, but it’s still okay if it’s in small chunks.

So, I decided not to bother grating it to save time, and in the end, paid for it because the tiny blocks wouldn’t break up properly!

The second time I applied it, I grated it, and it was so much easier to apply. It’s best to apply it as soon as possible after mixing it so the colour comes out more vibrant. I was scooping it onto my hair, whilst it was still boiling to get the best out of it! To be fair though, it cools really quickly, so I didn’t get burnt. Luckily.

If you’re careful, you can apply it just like any other hair dye, but if you like to just slap it on then you’ll need to be a bit more cautious. You’ll also need to make sure you put baby oil on your skin, because that stuff stains!!

So, this is the result from using Caca Rouge. It wasn’t a bright red, but I knew it wouldn’t be anyway. Although, I did expect it to be more red, and less ginger. After a few weeks, it started looking brown again.


After using Caca Rouge twice, I decided to go back to using regular hair dyes. The red started to fade, and I decided to go back to using my favourite XXL colours. I picked Urban Brown, because I thought I’d go a bit natural for a little while. And, that’s where I am now!

But, through all of this, I’ve struggled with a style. I still can’t pull all my hair back to put in a bobble, and it’s really hard trying to style it a way that doesn’t make me look silly.

I tried using “bobby pins” or “hair grips,” but i wasn’t very good at using them. I’d seen pictures of girls on Pinterest, who look absolutely stunning in every stage of growing out their pixie, and I desperately wanted it to look as good as theirs.

But, it never did.

I don’t bother drying my hair with a hairdryer, and I haven’t done for a long time. Now, I shower in the morning, and just brush my hair into a slicked back style and let it dry throughout the day.

I think it’s starting to look better. But it’ll be at least another six months before it reaches my shoulders!



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