Getting my first tattoo!

So, this week, I got my first ever tattoo! Yeah, I know – awesome, right?

Since the age of 16, I’d always wanted (and still do want) a tattoo of a bass clef and treble clef on my left wrist, but I’d never had the confidence to take the plunge and get it.

Just to confuse you, no, this isn't my tattoo!

Just to confuse you, no, this isn’t my tattoo!

You’d probably think that would be the first tattoo I would get, but no. I decided that I wanted three little birds, in black, on my right shoulder.

I really liked the idea of a silhouette, but I’d seen a picture of someone else’s tattoo on Google, who had three humming birds with colourful wings (on their arm, but I liked the idea), and I was considering maybe adding some colour, but I was pretty decided on the silhouette.



So, the first thing to do now I’d decided what I wanted, was to decide who I wanted to do it for me. A lot of people I know had gone to a tattoo artist named Jon the Trike from Milford Haven. I’d seen his art on a number of people’s bodies, and I was really impressed!

I contacted him via Facebook asking how much it would cost and when I could see him to give him a deposit and discuss size, positioning and design of the tattoo.
tattoo idea

Jon was really friendly, and really listened to me. I showed him pictures of the tattoo ideas I had, and within an hour or two, Jon had sent me a photograph of a few different tattoo ideas he’d drawn.

There were the three birds in silhouettes, which looked amazing, and underneath were three humming birds in pink, green and orange. At first I didn’t pay much attention because my mind was set on silhouettes.

But, the more I looked at them, the more I fell in love with them!

I wanted three birds to resemble my family: Al, Esme and I.

I loved the design, but because the birds were respresenting people, I wanted to change the colours. I considered red for Al’s bird, because I was thinking of the bands he’s been in (One Room Down and the current – and awesome – band, Trunk Shot). Instead, I went for blue for Al, purple for me and I kept the pink for Esme.

I wanted to be the bird in the middle, with Al leading the way and Esme following behind.

I booked to have my tattoo done on Tuesday, September 15, and I could not wait! I only had to wait five days to have it done, and I could barely sit still with excitement.

When Tuesday came, I arrived at Jon’s house, feeling full of anticipation and nerves. Jon talked me through how long he expected it to take, what to expect and what he was going to use.

Taking a photo of your back is hard!

Taking a photo of your back is hard!

I sat down in the chair, and Jon put a line in my skin with no ink in so I could feel what it would be like. Because it was my first tattoo, I wasn’t sure if I would flinch the first time (and I did slightly), so we wanted to make sure I’d be okay with it before going in with the ink.
The vibrating of the tattoo gun is quite nice, but that pain that goes with it isn’t so pleasant.

Okay, I wasn’t in a great deal of pain, but it still stung! I don’t know how I would cope having a sleeve done, anyway (don’t worry, I’m not planning on having one done!).

It feels like a sharp scrape. Remember those scraper foils, and the scraper thing (I have no idea what it’s actually called) that went with it? I feels like, what I’d imagine, one of them going across your skin.


Once it’s stopped though, it doesn’t keep on stinging, it disappears pretty quick. The worst part was when the birds had been coloured in, and then the shading had to be done, because the gun was going over places it had already been.

Now, three days after it being done, it’s starting to scab and peel, which is a good sign, because that means it’s healing! But it didn’t really hurt much after that – it kind of feels like you’ve got sunburn, and you don’t really fancy anyone touching it any time soon!

It was a great experience, and I would definitely have another one!

Now I’ve had the humming birds done, I feel more confident with getting the bass clef and treble clef on my wrist. And I now totally get it when people want more tattoos. It’s a great way of expressing yourself, and I really do love mine.

Jon is an amazing tattoo artist, and I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone! I’ll definitely be returning in the future.


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    • Thank you! Aww, really? That’s sad 🙁
      Do you think so? If that was the case, I would have had to wait another five years to get it – I’m only 20 😛 xx

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