Esme’s gadgets!

Buying things for Esme can be so stressful some times. I never know what to get her – do I get something simple or do I get something with lots of gadgets?

That is just one of the many troubles I face when buying Esme a new contraption of some sort.

Last month, I spent ages trying to work out what high chair would be best for her. In our kitchen is a breakfast bar, and I really wanted to get something tall enough so it’s like she’s sitting at the table with us.

pestoAfter hours of looking through websites, I decided to go for a Mamas and Papas Pesto high chair from Argos, and it was definitely a good buy! It was reduced from £99.99 (I’m pretty sure it’s always been that price though) to £49.99, and then reduced to £44.99.

It’s not quite high enough for the breakfast bar, but it’s pretty much there, and it’s really well padded and looks so comfortable! And I wish it came with dark coloured straps rather than white ones – within minutes they were covered in carrot and brocoli.

Since she had her high chair, it was like she suddenly realised she could reach out for things and started banging toys onto the chair and getting really vocal about it!


I thought that seeing as she likes a tray so much, I bought one for her bumbo so she has something in front of her to bang things on in front of the TV, and she now looks much more comfortable sat in it – before, she looked a bit lost and looked at me and Al as if to say: “Why am I here, mum?”

As soon as she had a tray put in front of her, she suddenly started enjoying being sat in her bumbo, and continuously bangs her rattle or teether on it! She does, however, like to play fetch with me, so throws her toys off the tray and shouts at me to get them back for her!

Since she hit the five month mark she seemed to come on leaps and bounds in her development, including speech and movement. She can now say ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’, and likes to shout these two words at the top of her voice.

As you may already know, Esme can already roll over (admittedly, not both ways), but I decided as she was nearing six months old to buy her a walker.

I went through the process of looking through websites at different walkers: pink ones, yellow ones, red ones – even ones in the shape of a Ferrari! But in the end, I went for a 2-in-1 rocker and walker combi.

I abandoned the online search and walked straight to Argos (again), and did it the old fashioned way: I found a walker in the book, punched in the catalogue number to check the stock, and saw that there was one available.

I went over to the checkout, bought it and drove straight home.

Unlike the high chair, which took me ages to put up due to having to screw things in and fit things here and there, the walker was extremely easy to put together.

It was up in minutes and Esme was sat in it, playing with the detachable blue car that flashes a red light and plays music within minutes!

The colours are amazing, too – it’s really bright and reminds me of strawberry and lime!

Unfortunately, Esme’s legs are a little too short at the moment and don’t reach the floor (even on the lowest setting), but it comes with a little mat for her to put her feet on that clips to the bars at the bottom, which is also handy for when I want Esme to go in her walker, but not walk anywhere!

She didn’t quite know what to do at first. She stood there, trying to chew on the front of it, and not quite getting the fact she had to press a button to make the car start flashing and singing.

However, within a few days, she learnt how to press the button, and was kicking her legs like there’s no tomorrow!

Of course, with her legs being too short, she hasn’t had a go at walking in it yet, but from pushing it around, I think the friction grips on the bottom would make it very difficult for her to use it on a carpet.

Luckily, we have laminate, and just a rug in the middle of the living room that we can remove if she wants to walk around, but if anyone is thinking about buying one and your house is carpeted, it might be an idea to have a look at a different one, or take the friction grips off!IMG_4123

I really wanted to get Esme something like a bouncer, but from 6 months up. She had a pink Hauck bouncer that vibrates and pays music, which I still put her in, but she’s almost outgrown it.

She loves her bouncer and often has a kip in it, but I think I’m going to have to start looking around for something different.
If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!


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  1. Great post.
    We went for a cheap and cheerful high chair from IKEA, Aria loves it in there and also enjoys banging things on the tray. I keep meaning to dig out the tray for her bumbo but am useless and keep forgetting about it!
    I bought the Fisher Price Jumperoo but wish I had gone for one that doubled up as a walked now.
    I rarely do research, I just follow the hype!

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