#ChasingNature Instagram Community: Week 5 Round Up


Unlike last week, I’ve had the opportunity to take lots of new photos for #ChasingNature on my brand new camera this week, and I’ve managed to take some photographs that I’m extremely proud of! You can view some of the photos below!

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Monday marks six weeks of #ChasingNature, and I’m so pleased that everyone seems to enjoy taking part. Kelly and I are never short of photographs to choose from, but this week I’ve found that there are some clear favourites for me, and it didn’t take me long to choose my two featured photographs!

Aa always, I really took my time when choosing them! There have been so many contributions, and they’re all absolutely gorgeous photos, and Kelly and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who got involved.

My favourite photos were by Mike Hillen and This Happened To Me Today. I absolutely loved Mike Hillen’s photograph. It’s taken not far away from my home as well, and I totally love the angle that Mike has got with this photograph.

It perfectly shows all of the beautiful autumn colours, and displays St Katharine and St Peter’s Church beautifully in the background, all with an extremely crisp air about it. It’s absolutely stunning.


My other favourite by This Happened To Me Today is similar, with the beautiful orange colours decorating the photograph, whilst capturing the children exploring the wonders of nature. The autumn leaves look wonderful, and it has such a magical feel to it. I love it!


Kelly’s favourite photos were by Five Little Doves and A Slice Of My Life Wales. Congratulations to you, too! To find out what Kelly wrote about her two favourites, visit http://www.naturemumblog.co.uk




Kelly and I would like to thank you all once again for taking part in the #ChasingNature Instagram Community, and we hope to see you all return next week with all of your beautiful photographs!

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