Buying a family car

When I found out I was pregnant, I quickly realised that my trusty Ford KA would no longer be suitable for me.

I’d already realised my car was too small from driving the boys to Carmarthen to do a gig one night – the gear would barely fit in the boot, and poor Dave’s head was almost touching the roof!

So, I decided that it was time to look for a new car.

I absolutely loved my KA – it was my first ever car, and I’d only had it seven months before I found out Esme was on the way. It was a little royal blue thing with leather interior, and it was extremely reliable. It had let me down a couple times through not starting, but after I had the battery changed it was good as new!

I was really sad when I decided it was time to get rid, but it had to be done.

The day I said goodbye to my KA was a very sad one, indeed!

The day I said goodbye to my KA was a very sad one, indeed!

I wasn’t sure what to get next or where to go, but I knew I wanted something bigger – I didn’t really care what it was.

I drove around looking at cars in garages around Pembrokeshire, and I’d come across a little silver Renault Clio in Johnston. I enquired about the price and talked about it a lot to Al when I got home, and decided that was the car I wanted.

I took it for a test drive and compared its size to the KA – it looked so much bigger, so I thought it must be big enough for a family!

However, once Esme arrived, just four months after I bought it, I soon realised that my car was a lot smaller than I had anticipated. I couldn’t bring the pram out with me if I intended to go shopping, or fitting anything else in the boot. Luckily, I’d bought a travel system so I could put the car seat on top of the pram frame, but it was so unsuitable and it really got me down.

Hindsight was showing me that I shouldn’t have been so hasty, and should have taken my time choosing a car. But I’m so impulsive and I really suffered this time!


I decided it was time to get rid, and advertised my car on Facebook and eBay, and it was months before I found a buyer, but eventually, one came along and I could finally say goodbye to the car I disliked so much (especially in comparison to my old KA!).

Once the Clio had left my sight, I thought carefully about how I wanted to go about looking for a new car. While I realised that buying privately would be the cheaper option, I didn’t like the idea of not being able to go back to the seller if something went wrong with it in the first couple of months, so I started looking on Auto Trader and numerous car dealerships’ websites.

I researched what cars had big boots: I am now an expert.

I now know, that the boot of a Renault Clio is 300 litres, which was way too small for me, but a Ford Focus’ boot is 316 litres and seems to be a decent size for most people.

I came across a gorgeous grey coloured 2008 Kia Cee’d, which was for sale in Gravells in Narberth. I researched the boot space (which is 340 litres, by the way) and read umpteen amounts of reviews regarding how good the car is as a family car, and decided to get in touch with them via their website.

Within seconds I received a call back, and I got talking with a sales representative named Jason, who asked when I would like to view the car. Upon realising I would have to organise a lift to get to Narberth, Jason asked if I would like him to drive the car down to me that very day for a test drive.

Of course, I jumped at the chance, and said the sooner the better! Within an hour, Jason was on his way.

As soon as I saw the car parked outside on the pavement, I could see myself parking it there myself in the very near future. It was shiny, had awesome tyres, and was really good looking inside.

Okay, there wasn’t any leather, but there was an AUX cable for me to plug my iPod into, and that was a major selling point to me.

Before I even got inside, I asked to see the boot, and as soon as I set eyes on it I could see that it would be big enough for everything I needed to put in it. It was perfect.

My 'Happy birthday to me, from me' selfie.

My ‘Happy birthday to me, from me’ selfie.

I sat in the driver’s seat and it felt comfortable and it looked amazing. I took it for a little test drive, and it was slightly noisy due to a tyre being out of shape, but other than that it was absolutely gorgeous and I loved everything about it.

When I arrived back at home, I decided there and then that I wanted it, and made arrangements to pick the car up on my birthday: July 16, 2015.

Since I’d last seen it, four new tyres and brake pads had been put on the car, and I was given 6 months warranty. Result!

As soon as I drove it home, I decided that it was time for a ‘Happy birthday to me, from me’ selfie, and uploaded the picture to Facebook straight away.

Now, having had the car almost two weeks, I cannot fault it! I absolutely love everything about it, and it’s such a dream to drive.

I just wish I’d have researched these cars sooner, because I would have got one of these instead of the Clio, which would have saved me a lot of time and money!

Oh well. I’ll learn not to be so impulsive one day!


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