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I was asked to take part in the #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge, and share our bedtime routine.

I normally finish work between 5pm and 5.30pm, and I go straight to Nanny Jill’s house with Al to pick up Esme. We spend an hour there, maybe less, and we drive home to start winding down for the evening.

Esme normally has a play with her toys before getting changed into her pyjamas. The Avengers usually come out to play, along with Minnie and Mickey doing their best impression of “bouncy bouncy Tigger!”

I hope that Esme starts to get tired, and keep a watchful eye on her for signs of drowsiness. When I spot a yawn, I know it’s time to start getting ready for bed.

I used to bath Esme before bed when I was on maternity leave, because I was told by midwives that it was best to get baby to sleep. However, I found that Esme would either wake up a bit more and wouldn’t be tired any more, or she really didn’t want a bath and would cry a lot … So, we’ve switched having baths from evenings to mornings after breakfast.

It’s so much easier!

So, I’ll usually go up to Esme’s wardrobe (yes, my child has a wardrobe) and grab some pyjamas for her. I put a vest on her for the day, but I don’t bother at night time because her bedroom is always really warm! She doesn’t sleep very well when she’s hot either, so going without a vest seems the best scenario.

Although, it’s starting to get colder now, so we might have to start putting them back on her again!

Love these pyjamas on her!

Love these pyjamas on her!

Then it’s time for a “bum change,” as we call it.

Changing a nappy is common practice in our household, and lots of other parents will agree that finding the right brand of nappy cream is important.

I started out buying Sudocrem, as I thought that it must be the best because I’ve heard of lots of people using it. I thought it would prevent Esme from getting nappy rash, and would help treat it if she ever ended of getting nappy rash.

I’m pretty sure nappy rash is inevitable, and if your child hasn’t had it already, they will at some point. And, it’s always difficult to know what to do!

I’ve always used Pampers nappies. I’ve never liked Huggies, and I don’t like using nappies made by Tesco or Asda. I can be a bit snobby when it comes to bums. However, I do use Tesco’s own brand unfragranced wet wipes. I find them better than all the others (and I’ve tried a few!)


I quite like that Bepanthen is in a squeezy tube, because I’m less inclined to get the cream underneath my fingernails. That’s the only thing that bugs me with brands like Sudocrem – I can’t stand having sudocrem stuck beneath my nails after changing Esme’s nappy!

When Esme started teething, she started to get nappy rash from time to time. I turned to Bepanthen, and it seemed to make a different from the first use. Bepanthen contains pro-vitamin B5, which gently aids the natural recovery of babies’ skin, whilst keeping it soft and mosturised. Therefore, when I saw that she had nappy rash that needed to be treated, I turned to Bepanthen, and found that it had treated her skin and brought the redness down considerably, and I was instantly impressed.

I have since switched brands – I no longer buy Sudocrem and now prefer to use Bepanthen. It keeps Esme’s soft skin protected, and there’s no redness when she wakes up in the morning. A nappy is on for the longest at bedtime, and I’m happy in the knowledge that her skin is being protected by Bepanthen.

I love that I don’t need to apply much. You only need a tiny bit for Bepanthen’s Nappy Care Ointment to form a breathable and transparent layer to gently protect delicate skin.

So, if you’re a new Mum to be, wondering what is the best to buy for your new arrival – or a mum who doesn’t know what else to try: give Bepanthen a go.

Esme didnt want to look away from the TV for her photo!

Esme didnt want to look away from the TV for her photo!

So, once Esme’s got a fresh nappy and is in her pyjamas, I’ll be trying to tempt her into the idea of having a bottle of milk. I’ve always used Cow & Gate ready made baby milk. It’s ready in 60 seconds, and Esme loves it.

Usually Esme asks for a bottle once she’s in her pyjamas, but I make her one even if she says she doesn’t want one – she always drinks it when she sees it! We place two cushions on the end of the sofa, and she lies on that and watches the TV with us whie she guzzles it down.

Hopefully, after Esme has had her bottle, she’ll start to feel sleepy and wil want a cuddle. She used to say “Daddy cuddle!” immediately after finishing her bottle, but doesn’t say it so much any more. It’s only when she’s really tired.

Most of the time, she shouts: “GET DOWN,” and wanders over to her toys again. It’s at this point that Al and I persuade her to go to bed.

Esme now sleeps in a toddler bed rather than a cot, and last week we bought her a TV. If she’s still quite awake, I let her choose a film to watch, and I sit in the chair in the corner of the room and watch it with her.

Her new favourite lately is Happy Feet.

However, if she’s really sleepy, she goes to bed without TV, and she usually falls asleep in minutes! It’s whether or not she sleeps all night is the question … !

The view from the chair in the corner of Esme's room

The view from the chair in the corner of Esme’s room


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    • Thank you! It came as part of a set from Argos – toddler bed in a bag. I think the one that she has is sold out now, but have a look on Argos website and see if you can find something similar to it in a bigger size! They might have something nice on there for Noah as well for when he gets a bit bigger.

      I know, she looks exactly like me when I was little! xx

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