#ChasingNature Round Up: Week 8



This week, I’ve had no time at all to go out and about with Esme to explore the great outdoors. I recently started working at The Food Warehouse by Iceland in my home town, and the new store opened this week. This means long hours and no time to do anything, but next week my hours are my regular ones, and I should hopefully have time to get out and about and do some hardcore blogging!

When I looked at the amount of people who linked up with #ChasingNature this week, I was delighted! There have been some truly amazing blogs, but there was one that stood out to me, and I had to feature it this week.



The blog that was my favourite was called You, Me and the Sea! by Angharad from Welsh and WonderfulI don’t know if I’m a little bit bias, but I absolutely love Bosherston.

When Al and I first started dating, we took a long walk around Bosherston and ended up at Broad Haven South. It was of course, pre baby days, and we haven’t had the chance to return so far (almost three years later)!

Almost three years ago at Broad Haven South!

Almost three years ago at Broad Haven South!

Angharad’s post was brilliant, and her photos were spectacular. I loved them!

Kelly from over at Nature Mum Blog chose to feature How to hold worms, and other slimy things, in three easy steps by Frogs Snails Geckotails. To see what Kelly said, head over to www.naturemumblog.co.uk!

Kelly and I would like to thank you all once again for taking part in the #ChasingNature, and we hope to see you again soon!

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