Weaning and rolling

Esme is now five months old, and it only feels like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant!

In fact, a year has now passed since I first found out, and only now am I starting to remember how wonderful the pregnancy really was. I didn’t enjoy the last ten weeks because they seemed to go so slowly, but the early days were so magical and lovely!
hair cutI’ve been working toward losing as much baby weight as I can in an attempt to get my pre-pregnancy figure back so I’ve been training for the Cardiff Half Marathon.

Plus, seeing as I’m working on my appearance, I thought I’d better get myself a new haircut too while I was at it. I had it cut into a pixie crop a few wees before I found out about the pregnancy, and I’ve been trying to grow it out since. I liked it for a little while, but I don’t think it suited me very well, so I decided after a couple of months I was going to grown it out and have a bob instead.

I was apprehensive about it at first because it had taken me such a long time to grow it long enough to style again, but in the end, I decided to take the plunge.

Esme and I visited the girls at Roxanne’s in Milford Haven, where she had lots of cuddles and attention from staff (which she loved) while I had a new mop chop!

She also quite enjoyed holding Roxanne’s business card, which, as you can see, she is holding in the photograph!

After having my new haircut, we visited the health visitors to have her 16 week injections, which she handled like a pro! She cried a lot more this time than the last two, but they didn’t seem to affect her at all.

Since 12 weeks, Esme has been excellent regarding sleeping through the night, until she hit about 18 weeks. She started waking up at around 4am every night, so I decided that maybe it was time to start weaning her.

I decided to go out and buy jars of baby food for her to try, and since the first day I started weaning her she slept through the night again and hasn’t woke up for a night feed since (touch wood!).

Esme in her new high chair

Esme in her new high chair

She didn’t quite get the hang of using a spoon at first, and decided that blowing onto the food-filled spoon was what she wanted to do, resulting in me being covered in orange baby food. It was everywhere – my top, hair and face!

Since then, I’ve bought her a high chair and she has mastered the art of eating off a spoon, and quite enjoys the fruit and veg I cook and blend for her. I hadn’t thought about cooking for her and was giving her the Hipp and Cow & Gate baby food jars and packets, until a health visitor suggested I try making my own.

I decided to get down the shop to buy fruit and vegetables (I know, I should already have some in the house!) and I cooked them up straight away.

They went down a treat with Esme and she gobbled up every last bit. Since then, I’ve had trouble trying to feed her the jars – I think she must like my food more!

I was so confused at first though, because I had no idea how much to give her or where to start.

On Thursday, July 2 Esme rolled over for the first time, which was a lovely milestone for Al and I to witness. She can roll from her back to her front, but she can’t work out how to roll from her front to her back. I decided to look up at what age babies learn to roll over, and I found that, apparently, babies learn how to roll from their front to their back from 2-5 months, and from their back to their front from 5.5-7 months, so, in a way, she’s done it back to front.

You with me so far? Great!

The only problem with her rolling over – and not being able to roll back – is she occasionally does it in her sleep. Al and I have been woken up to a crying child at 3am the past few nights, because she’s rolled onto her front by accident.

Luckily, she falls asleep pretty fast!

I decided to take Esme to see Milford Haven Carnival on Saturday, July 5. I wasn’t sure if she’d be too pleased about the noise levels of the music and the town bands, so I was a little anxious before we left.

I fed her before we left and then we walked down to Hamilton Terrace and waited. As we were standing there, I thought I’d take her out of her buggy before the carnival arrived so she could see what was going on.

However, as soon as I picked her up she decided it would be a good time for a nap, and she fell asleep on my chest. I was a little concerned because I thought she might be a bit unhappy when the noise started, but she slept right through the whole thing – sirens, the Samba band, music, the whole lot!

I spent the duration of the carnival looking and laughing at her in amazement – how can anyone sleep through so much noise?!

Oh yeah, the child of a punk rocker! Silly me.

es1I also decided to take her for a mini photo shoot with Claire Eaton earlier on this month for the Face of Cherubs Summer 2015, and she was so well behaved!

She had some beautiful photos taken that I will cherish forever, and I was so proud of her for being so good!

Claire suggested I get in and have some photos taken with Esme, so I did, but I was wishing I’d worn something pretty rather than my Batman t-shirt!


She had lots of lovely photos taken while sat in a bumbo, which she seemed to really enjoy, so I bought her one for the house!

She looks so cute sat in it, but I think she may be slightly on the small side at the moment.


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