Train tracks and muddy puddles

This week has been so crazy that I haven’t had time to do anything at all. I started working for The Food Warehouse by Iceland last month, and this week we opened up shop and it’s been all systems go!

It’s been so hectic that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and tell you all about last week’s little explore of the great outdoors.


Last week, Esme and I decided to go for a little walk together so I could try out my camera, and so Esme could get some fresh air. Behind my local leisure centre is an old abandoned train track. It’s not one for a real train – I believe that many years ago, children would come and ride trains around the track in the summer. I don’t remember this myself, which means that they must have stopped a long time ago. But, the train track has remained, and the hedges around it are trimmed regularly.

I have no idea why it is still there not doing anything, but never mind. We decided to go take a look, and see if we could get some awesome photo opportunities.

I took a few practise photographs in Nanny Jill’s garden before we left so I could decide on the best setting for my camera. A tree in the garden had littered the ground with beautiful leaves, and Esme had much fun playing in them before we left.

img_4327 img_4332 img_4334 img_4341 img_4354

She didn’t want to go first of all, but when I said we were going to see a train track, she changed her mind and got into her car seat with no bother.

We arrived at the train track, and her first wish was to jump in the muddy puddles “just like Peppa.” I said no, because the puddles she wanted to jump in were right in the middle of the car park, but Esme didn’t quite understand that car parks are places that are dangerous for little people.

I carried her over to the train track – it’s less than 30 seconds away from the car park. She instantly ran to the muddy puddle underneath the bridge, where she stamped as hard as she could.


She quickly set her sights on climbing on the train track. I let her test her limits, and I was pleased to see that she could comfortably get on and off the track by herself. We started to walk around the track, and I started snapping away. I let her walk a litle bit infront of me so I could capture her through my lens.


However, she spotted a little walkway that people had made through the bushes. I think people have walked so far and got bored, and decided to take a little shortcut at this point. The gap was wide enough for legs, but for a toddler it wasnt quite.

Esme spotted it before I did and said: “I go up the hill!”

Before I had a chance to even respond she started trying to climb the “hill”, and managed to tumble over a scratch her forehead on a bramble. I didn’t notice it at first, becuase she didn’t cry and I couldn’t see a mark.

I helped her up, and we carried on walking.

We got to the end of the track, and we found some more puddles. I wanted to catch a photo of her playing with her umbrella again, but she didn’t quite understand what I was wanting her to do. I ended up just putting it back up, because she thought that scooping up water from the puddles with it was loads of fun.

img_4499About ten minutes later I noticed that she had a scratch on her head. We called Nanny Jill to see if she was home, and if she had any cream for Esme’s little head. It was hardly anything, but it looked a bit stingy.

On our way back, I tried to take a few more photos and encouraged Esme to get a move on so we could get in the car and make out way to Nanny Jill’s house. Esme kept ditching the umbrella due to being constantly distracted by flowers, and I had to remind her that she was supposed to be carrying the umbrella for her.


I offered to carry it for her, but she wasn’t having any of it.

She had a quick sit down in the clovers on our way back to the car, and I decided to try and take an arty farty photo of them after giving up briefly on calling her name constantly, and asking her to be careful. At least if she was sitting she couldn’t really fall.



When we finally got to the car, we drove to Nanny Jill’s house, changed out of wet clothes and had a cup of tea. For all those concerned, Esme’s head is fine. And, I’m delighted with our photographs!


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  2. I’m glad Little Esme is doing ok after her tumble. Sounds like she is really starting to test your limits, lol. It’s sounds like a wonderful day, and the pictures turned out super cute.

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