Time to let my hair down!

Well, Esme had her 12 week injections, which she seemed to feel a lot more this time as she let out a giant scream and a few sobs!

Considering she was so groggy last time she had her injections, I thought I would buy her some Calpol to help her a little bit. I gave her some in a syringe, which she seemed to be a bit confused by at first because she was expecting a milk bottle! But she had most of it (the rest she spat out) and drank her bottle.

She slept for about 48 hours – she just wouldn’t wake up! I had to give her sleepy feeds, and she slept through all of her nappy changes. When she finally came around, she was perfectly fine. It was as though she never had her injections at all!

I thought the doses of Calpol were the reason she slept through the night, but now at 17 weeks old, she’s still sleeping through the night!

I decided to put her into her own room around 12 weeks, because I wanted my bedroom back and I thought that if she was in her own room, she’d sleep a bit better and would be undisturbed by either me or Al in the night if we decided to get up for anything.

She used to be fantastic at sleeping through noise, but since she’s been used to sleeping in silence in her own room, any little noise wakes her or makes her shift uncomfortably in her cot. This means I have to tip-toe around a lot – especially due to the fact my wardrobe is in her bedroom!

Esme having fun with Bampi

Esme having fun with Bampi

This month, Esme has started babbling a lot, and thanks to Nanny and Bampi, she’s learnt how to blow raspberries. Her favourite time to so this, is when Al and I are trying to watch TV.

She’s also starting to test out what she can do with her voice and is starting to shout, for no reason other than she wants to. Al and I will be watching TV or eating, and Esme will come out with the most horrible noise I’ve ever heard.

It sounds like a ‘nails on a blackboard’ scream, which makes your eardrums vibrate. She’s not unhappy when she makes this noise – she’s often smiling at us as she’s doing it!

Ginger Wildheart's Song & Words tour

Ginger Wildheart’s Song & Words tour

This month, Al and I have been catching up on what it feels like to be us, and not just full time parents.

We managed to go to Weston Super Mare to see Ginger Wildheart in his Songs and Words tour together (I even met Jon Poole), Al did a weekend away tour with Trunk Shot and I went to Manchester to see Take That!

Al and I at the first gig of his weekend away tour.

Al and I at the first gig of his weekend away tour.

We went to see Ginger with Dave from Trunk Shot and his partner Claire. It was great to go out and have a drink again – and this time, I managed to have a drink and not get drunk really easily, which is a huge achievement to me (I won’t tell you what happened the first time I had a few pints after having Esme!)

The moment I tried too hard to look pretty after having too many drinks when I first met Jon Poole.

The moment I tried too hard to look pretty after having too many drinks when I first met Jon Poole.

Ginger was absolutely awesome, and it was great to let my hair down and spend some time with Dave, Claire and Al.

It was amazing to be able to go see Al performing again. I hadn’t been to see him at a gig in six months and it was so refreshing to be able to go out and let my hair down.

I went home to Esme at the end of the night with an extremely sore neck from head banging, but with a huge smile on my face.

Al even let me sing one of the songs again, which was awesome!

Al went off on his tour, and I didn’t see him for two days! It felt like a long time, and I missed him a lot – I know Esme did too!

However, Claire and I sneakily visited them on the last day of their tour in Llanelli as a surprise! Just before the boys started the first gig of their tour in Milford Haven, Claire turned to me and asked: “Shall we go see them in Llanelli?”

I instantly said yes, and really hoped that she would remember it in the morning and didn’t say it in a drunken moment of madness!

Me performing with Trunk Shot in Llanelli

Me performing with Trunk Shot in Llanelli

However, Claire did remember and she was being serious, which I was absolutely delighted with! We arrived at Llanelli, and we were sneaking around like naughty kids hoping the boys wouldn’t see us walking to the venue!

We managed to get there before them though, and they were happy to see us – what a relief!

All the events happened quite close together, and when I went off to see Take That, I found myself feeling as though I was taking the mickey a little bit in terms of babysitting.

It was lovely to get home though and spend the weekend with nobody other than my little girl and my man!

It’s great to know though, that you can still go off and be yourself when you have a baby. You’re still you, and nothing will change that.


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  1. I know what you mean about the hideous screeches that babies seem to find so enjoyable….usually when they are right next to your ear !!!
    As for the sound sensitivity, you might try putting on a sound machine or app, that plays waves, white noise, or rain etc in her bedroom to mask any sounds from your movements. Other tricks are to leave music playing such a soothing bedtime cd or playlist (maybe not punk !) or leave the radio playing in the background.
    You hit the nail on the head when you say how important it is to have you time, couple time, fun time and letting your hair down.
    I sometimes have a hard time persuading new parents to go out and just be a couple and relax, but when they do they always feel so much better, and it is better for everyone in the family to have happy, relaxed parents.
    Glad you had a great time 🙂
    Sarah (Babyfriend) xxx

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