Should the burqa be banned?

Do I intimidate you?

Do I intimidate you?

Many people have given into fear, and believe that the burqa should be banned. But, should it?

Wearing a burqa is a choice – just like it’s your choice to wear a jeans and t shirt. Many scared people feel the burqa should be banned, but what would life be life for a woman who wishes to obey her faith without breaking the law?

She would either have to deny her faith and obey the law, or obey her faith and run the risk of being charged with a criminal offence. Or even, just stay at home and become an isolated member of the community. Is that really what we want?

Let’s pretend that we aren’t talking about Islam, and are instead speaking of Christianity. What if it was against the law to wear or display a crucifix in public? There would be uproar, and complaints of denying people of their rights, right? It seems there is a huge lack of empathy toward these women.

People lose their heads when somebody is told they can’t wear jewellery to school, which includes a crucifix necklace, then bash people (and children) for wearing turbans and burqas. Why?

I understand there are two sides to every argument, and the other side is that criminals and terrorists can use face coverings such as the burqa, and that women are forced to wear a burqa by their religion and families.

Let’s break this down. Since when have people been robbing banks and mugging people by posing as Muslim women? I’m pretty sure that if, let’s say, a white British male wanted to rob a shop and wanted to use something to hide his face, he’d wear a balaclava. Because, let’s be honest, which is more intimidating: A man wearing a balaclava brandishing a machete, or a man posing as a Muslim woman with a handbag?

And, how do you know these women are being forced to wear it – do you know them personally? It is their choice, and by banning that piece of clothing, we are now forcing the women not to wear it because it makes us feel better about ourselves, by thinking we’ve given them back their freedom. Ironic really, isn’t it?

Lots of people have told me that it is a “culture thing,” and one person who wished to remain anonymous when speaking to me, said they believed that wearing a burqa was an obvious statement that you are “foreign.” To start with, I feel that not even disclosing your name is cowardly, and the point he or she makes is utterly ridiculous.

As if British Muslims never wear burqas. I’m not even sure that it crossed this person’s mind that some British people are Muslim. But, even if someone is wearing it who isn’t British, does it matter? Either we agree that people can wear what they want, or we don’t. The rule doesn’t apply just to British people.

If we all just minded our own business and let people get on with their own lives, then the world would be a much happier place.

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