Preparing to be a mum

Due date: February 1
Expecting: Girl

With only two weeks to go, the nerves are kicking in for the dreaded process of labour, with the anticipation of it making it feature in many of my dreams.

I often dream of having an emergency caesarean that I can’t remember, or not being able to find my baby after giving birth (I know, stupid right?)

But the fact that I don’t know what she looks like makes it impossible for my brain to come up with an image of her, so she is either absent from my dream, or I dream of someone else’s baby, and suddenly my dream changes to me babysitting instead of looking after my own.

The possibility of fitting back into my normal clothes and not having a gigantic belly in just a few weeks, at the moment, is just as exciting as having a new member of the family. I can’t wait until I can fit back into my skinny jeans and band t shirts!

Baby bump at 18 weeks

Baby bump at 18 weeks

Everything is in place, with the Moses basket ready and the cot all set, which seems odd seeing as there’s no sight of a baby yet! I’m currently walking (or waddling) around the house every day making sure everything looks okay.

However, having said that, she is making it clear she will be here soon enough by sticking out legs, arms, bum and back, constantly making me feel like a punch bag.

The kicks have settled now, and it’s more wriggling for this little one, which is rather annoying when you’re trying to get some shut eye or even watch TV!

Although it is rather amusing being able to push, what I think is an arm, back and forth across my bump, until she gets fed up with me annoying her and disappears for five minutes.

Having bought hundreds of nappies and wipes, and everything in between, I know that I am set for the new arrival, but I still can’t help looking at what else I might need, and find myself trawling websites trying to find the best deal on baby oil and reading reviews, such as which nursing bra is best or whether or not I need a play mat straight away!

I’m lucky in the sense that I have not suffered with morning sickness at all throughout my pregnancy, but the indigestion and heartburn has been almost constant for the past couple of months, making Gaviscon my new best friend.

Even though there’s two weeks left, every day I think to myself: “I wonder if it will be today?”

Baby bump at 28 weeks

Baby bump at 28 weeks

I’ve been told by many that my bump is so big, I may be early, which is lovely to think, but not necessarily the best thing to say, as it just gets my hopes up for two reasons – I can’t wait to meet her, and I can’t wait to sit down with a big bottle of Merlot!

I know it’s not long now, but it still feels like forever! And with this being my first baby, I have no idea what to expect in labour, and have no idea what it’s going to be like to look after a baby, so it feels like I’m just going to be pregnant forever.

But I know that within a month, I’ll have a little girl in my arms, who will either have brown eyes like her mum, or blue eyes like her dad – and I can’t wait to see which!

Wish me luck!

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