My Rock Salt Nails experience


On Monday, I was treated to a wonderful manicure with gelish nails by Emma from Rock Salt Nails. I’d been admiring Emma’s designs on her Facebook page for months, and I was delighted when I was offered a free set of nails in exchange for my honest review.

I arrived at Emma’s home, and was instantly greeted by her radiant smile and the offer of a cup of tea. Of course, I accepted the offer – who doesn’t love a cup of tea whilst being pampered!?

Emma showed me to the room where I would be spending the next hour or so while she let her artistic nature flow. A small yet cosy room, I was instantly in love with it. It felt like I’d just stepped into a spa! Mirrors made the room feel huge, and gave it such a bright and airy feeling.

I looked around, and decided to take a few snaps of the place. It looked stunning, and I had to capture it through my lens.


Emma appeared with a cup of tea which I gratefully received, and we looked at her designs. And boy, are there some designs!? I’m terrible at making decisions at the best of times, and being given such a huge amount of beautiful designs to choose from, picking the design I wanted was almost impossible.

After spending almost ten minutes deciding what I wanted, we decided to crack on with it. Emma started off filing my tired looking nails, and I instantly fell into a state of relaxation and started talking nonsense about children and life in general.


I remembered that I was there to review the experience, so I picked up my camera and began taking a few shots. I was quite impressed with myself for managing to take some decent ones with just the one hand! But then again, it’s easier when the thing your photographing looks fantastic anyway!

After tidying up the overall shape, we started looking at colours. I’d chosen a design that involves sharpies and white nail vanish, and I was so excited to see the end result! I was going to have blue nails, and being the eccentric lady that I am, I decided that I wanted every nail a different colour.


So, we started with the white nail varnish. It was time to put my hand into that UV light thing that makes your nails dry super quick – I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s awesome. I became rather excited to see my nails reflected into the tiny mirrors inside. I took a photo to show you all, because it was so cool.


After a few coats of the white nail varnish, it was time to start on the sharpies. Every nail had three different shades, and I watched on in admiration as Emma carefully coloured in each finger nail one by one. After this, the colours were blended together using a gel cleanser, which made it look like I had a watercolour theme going on.


I decided I wanted to have some sort of print on top before we started, and I had already chosen which one I wanted. However, after Emma had finished this step I wasn’t sure if I wanted to anymore. My nails looked like beautiful little skittles, and I loved them dearly

After admiring them for about five minutes, I decided I would indeed go ahead with the original plan and have some printing over the top, but I had changed my mind about the design. We had a look at all of the different options (and believe me, there were many), and I chose some beautiful stripes.


I watched as Emma prepared the stamping polish, plate and jelly stamper, and I was amazed at how it all came together. I’ve never seen anybody stamping anything onto nails before, so I was intrigued.

The jelly stamper was the weirdest thing ever. It felt rather lovely, and if you looked through it, it almost had a magnifying effect. All I wanted to do was look through it to see my now gorgeous nails enlarged!

It wasn’t long before Emma had completed the entire stamping process, and I was able to show off my now stunning nails to the world. The whole experience was wonderful – Emma has a clear passion and talent for what she does, and her personality is so lovely that she’s an absolute pleasure to spend time with.


So, if you’re looking for a talented lady to make your feel like you have nails that even Victoria Beckham would be envious of, then Emma from Rock Salt Nails is your girl.


My Rock Salt Nails experience — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so, so much for such a wonderful review, Tamsin! You were a pleasure to work with, and I loved the having the opportunity to do some exciting nails at this time of year, when most people are going for muted autumn colours! Come back anytime!! xx

  2. Wow they look so awesome, I love having my nails done but my nails tend to grow too fast and other than having infills every fortnight and spending ridiculous amounts of cash I have opted to stay au natural for a while. Thanks for joining in with #TuesdayTreasures.

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