Maternity leave: Two weeks left!?

Esme turns eight months old on October 5, and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Such little time she’s been in our lives, but she’s filled it with love, laughter, kisses and cuddles (and the odd dirty nappy here and there, of course!).

It’s also mad to think that I only have two weeks left of my maternity leave. It seemed like such a long time before I went back, and here we are, two weeks before I return.

Last day in the office before maternity leave1

Last day in the office before maternity leave!

I remember the day before my maternity leave started. I felt really sad, because I didn’t know how my life was going to be after Esme came along.

I was worried that I’d miss out on job opportunities and that people would forget about me. I was also worried that the people I knew would leave and new people would start in the time I was away, because I didn’t want to feel like I was starting over again – I wanted to pick up where I left off.

And now here we are, two weeks before I return, and it feels like only yesterday I left.

I’m looking forward to returning to work, but at the same time, it will be a huge shock to the system having been out of work (kind of) for so long.

Esme the day she was born - where has the time gone!?

Esme the day she was born – where has the time gone!?

I’ve kind of got used to doing what I want to do in the day, and getting up when I want to (or when Esme wants me to!).

I feel like a kid that’s been off for the summer.

Did anyone else have that September feeling when you were a kid, the day before you started back at school, you’d have a wash, make sure you were feeling fresh and clean, with beautifully washed hair?

You’d lay your uniform out for the morning and wake up extra early because you couldn’t wait to get up to see your friends outside the school gates.

That would be the only day I’d turn up at school mega early.

I feel like that.

I’m half tempted to buy myself some new trousers, shirts and maybe a pair of black leather shoes. And maybe some pencils.
I’ll see how I feel next week. I still havent accepted the fact I’m not truly a size 8 anymore, so clothes shopping isn’t as fun as it used to be!

I think I might just have a quick look on Peacocks website … and maybe a few others …

Oh look! Shoes!


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  1. I remember that feeling of back to school after the summer holidays, I hated it. I was so lucky that I didn’t have to return to work, I took redundancy while on maternity as I did not like the position they were going to offer me on my return. We started our own business and I could work from home. I hope it wont be too bad when you return x

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