Let’s talk about rape


The topic of conversation across the tabloids a few weeks ago were all about about rape. A horrible, nasty subject I know, but that’s what they’ve been talking about. So, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon.

It’s started when the trial of Ched Evans was at the forefront of everybody’s minds. Rape became a subject that everybody had an opinion on, and even now he’s been found not guilty, people are still treating him disrespectfully and will not accept that the court found no case to answer.

He’s been found not guilty in the eyes of the law, so we cannot chastise him for being charged with an allegation of rape. It is sad that such an allegation is so serious that even after the verdict, his name will always be branded. It is wrong, and women who falsely make these allegations should seriously think before doing so.

However, on the other hand, the attitude of some members of the public toward issues such as rape, is still very old fashioned and extremely out dated.

A few phrases are as follows:

  • It’s no wonder women get raped these days with the clothes they wear
  • She was asking for it
  • She knew what she was doing
  • She was leading him on
  • She should be prosecuted for what she has done

The first two phrases go together quite well really, don’t they? So, let’s start with them. Just because a woman is wearing a short skirt, that may or may not be showing the cheeks of her bum, or she is wearing a top that “doesn’t leave much to the imagination,” as they say, it doesn’t mean she “deserves” to get raped.

And, it certainly doesn’t mean she was “asking for it.” What does that mean anyway? By “asking for it,” was she literally asking you for sex, or was she just getting drunk with her friends in a nightclub, and she started chatting you up? Because that doesn’t mean she was “asking for it.”

When people say “she knew what she was doing,” they can mean one of two things. They either mean that she willingly had sex and claimed it was rape afterwards, or she was making you think you were going to get lucky, whilst having no intention of having sex.

Either one of these statements is ridiculous. Of course, there have been cases where women have claimed to be raped when they weren’t, but this doesn’t mean that every woman (or man) who has claimed to have been raped is lying, and “knew what they were doing.”

“She was leading him on” ties in well with “she knew what she was doing.” She might have had every intention of having sex, but when push came to shove she might have changed her mind – which he or she is entitled to do. If I was in a bar, and went home with a guy I’d met that night, it doesn’t mean that I want to have sex with him, or that I owe him anything because I’ve made him think he’s going to have a good time.

And lastly, I cannot stand it when people say that the alleged victim should be prosecuted. Of course, men who are found not guilty should be treated as if they didn’t do it. But, she might have been raped, but there just wasn’t enough information to convict.

Ched Evans was found not guilty, he didn’t prove that he was innocent. The prosecution could have just not provided enough evidence for the court to convict him, and he could therefore not be proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Just because you think someone might have done it, doesn’t mean they did and you cannot convict somebody because you have a hunch.

But sometimes, there simply isn’t enough evidence that they did it, even though they did. So why would you prosecute somebody who could really be a rape victim, just because the alleged rapist wasn’t convicted?

There are a huge amount of victims of rape that we don’t even know about, because they’re too scared to come forward about it. This could be for any reason, but I’m sure some of them are because of the amount of criticism they would receive from narrow minded members of the public.

If we all treated the issue with dignity, respect and caution, then maybe more people would seek justice for things that have happened to them, and less people would make false allegations.


Let’s talk about rape — 3 Comments

  1. So much needs to change about the way that rape cases are handled and tried in court. It’s no wonder that many victims don’t come forward because of peoples attitudes towards rape. Great emotive post. #TuesdayTreasures

    • Yes, I agree. There is such a stigma and so many people who have old fashioned views about it. Thank you for commenting! 🙂 <3

  2. I think this is a subject which DOES need to be and SHOULD be discussed. Women need to be given more encouragement to come forward and less judgement for doing so. Thanks for joining in with #TuesdayTreasures!

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