It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

December has actually been quite an enjoyable month! I normally find it quite stressful, with Christmas presents to buy and getting the papers for The Herald out on time. But actually, I’ve had quite a lovely time!

First girls night out in three years!

First girls night out in three years!

The month started off with a pay day (hoorah), so I went out for a girls night out in my hometown with my fellow mummy friend, Sophie.

Three years had passed since my last night out with only girls, and I was majorly looking forward to it! Sophie hadn’t been out since before she was pregnant, which was well over a year!

We were both extremely excited, and went back to our house for some wine and a few snacks before heading to the pub. We had a great night out, and Sophie did extremely well with her alcohol!

The first time I went out after having Esme, I was done after three pints. Sophie however, kept up with me.

Once I’d had my girls night out, I was ready to concentrate on Christmas!

Esme's Christmas present from Nanny Jill!

Esme’s Christmas present from Nanny Jill!

I really wanted to get Esme a rocking horse, and after hours of trawling on the internet, I couldn’t find one suitable. However, Nanny Jill managed to find a rocking lamb from Amazon, which is so cute! So she’ll be having that on Christmas day.

Present from Nanny Bev!

Present from Nanny Bev!

I had also thought about getting her a Cozy Coupe, and had spotted a pink fairy one in Tesco, for just £35! I couldn’t quite decide whether I wanted to get Esme one that looked like a yellow taxi or a fairy, but in the end, decided to go with the girly looking one.

After sending the links to both items to family members to get their opinion, my mum then said she would buy it for Esme.

Even though I was grateful, I was still a little disappointed that I hadn’t bought Esme anything big. But, she’s not even 1 yet, and she won’t remember that Santa didn’t bring her much that year anyway!

Esme has been a slight pain in the bum lately. She’s gone a little bit rubbish when it comes to sleeping, as she’s had another tooth come through. She now has six teeth!

She’s started crawling, and she can go quite fast when she wants to! She can pull herself up now, too, so Al had to lower the cot so she couldn’t climb out!

Pre-baby gate times

Pre-baby gate times

Esme wants to climb on everything, and now Al and I have to be extremely careful where we put things. She’s taller than we thought, and is now measuring at 2ft 3″. Tall enough to reach things she shouldn’t anyway!

We’ve installed a baby gate now, so she can’t go wandering around the hall after people when they leave the room. it’s a life saver! I’m sure she thought it was a new toy at first, because she kept crawling over to it, pulling herself up, and shaking the bars back and forth as if she’s in jail.

"Ooh! Shiny baubles!"

“Ooh! Shiny baubles!”

She quite likes the Christmas tree, too, and keeps trying to take the baubles at the bottom of the tree off.

We put the Christmas tree up on November 29, and this year decided to go for blue lights. I bought some cheap ones from Tesco last year, and they broke before Christmas day. I then had to buy two packs of 50 lights, which also broke before the big day.

So, this year, I went for some that were a little more expensive, which have a little switch so you can set them to flash at all different speeds. It’s funny the things I get excited about as an adult!

Once we put the decorations on the tree, I put them to one side. I was planning on putting some tinsel here and there around the house. However, a little problem occurred.

Last years tree

Last year’s tree ..

This years tree

This year’s tree!

The decorations were living in an orange recycling bag. On bin day, when Al put the bins out for us, he accidentally put the decorations out to the bin as well! It wasn’t funny at the time, but I laugh now, a few weeks later!

We’d already put the majority of the decorations up, so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

Al and I have almost finished work for Christmas (although do have to go in next week for a couple of days too), and for the first time in a long time, I actually cannot wait for Christmas!


Don’t get me wrong, I always look forward to it, but I never really felt as excited as I used to once I realised who Santa really was.

However, I’m genuinely excited this year. I can’t wait to show Esme what Al and I have bought her (as if she’ll care), and I’m dying to give Al his presents! I spent ages looking for something cool, and I think I found something!

I’ll let you know what it is after Christmas, just in case he’s reading!

I know that I’ve got a few cool things coming my way on Christmas Day, too, and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on them!

Esme looked so cute!

Esme looked so cute!

playgroup 2

Esme having fun on the rocking giraffe

Esme also went to her first Christmas party last week at her play group. She looked so cute! She played for a little while on a plastic rocking giraffe, which reassured me that the rocking lamb would be fine for her.

Then, on the weekend, I went to see the panto with Nanny Jill, my niece Sophie and my nephew Dylan. Esme stayed home with Al! You can read my review of the panto here.



After that, Al and Dylan went to the house and Esme, Sophie and I went shopping in Tesco for snacks. After spending a fortune on food we didn’t end up eating, Sophie spotted Father Christmas sitting by the door.

IMG_5234Sophie couldn’t wait to say hello, and was asking to wheel Esme in the trolley over while I paid for the shopping. After calmly asking her to wait patiently, she did so, and we went to see Santa.

I asked Santa if Esme could have a cuddle with him, but as I went to hand her over, she burst into tears. I can only think that it was because she couldn’t see much of his face due to his great big bushy beard!

So instead, I got in the photo with her and Sophie, and what a lovely photo it is!



If I don’t see you before, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! I’ll let you know what Esme thinks of her car and lamb within the week!

Four more sleeps!

Someone's excited!

Someone’s excited!




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