Growing out a pixie: The final stretch


It’s been at least a month since I last talked about my hair, so I’m going to resume now and tell you all about my obsession with it over the past few months.

The last time we talked about this, my hair was starting to look like it was kind of getting somewhere. It had started to get long (kind of), but it was still at that weird in between stage, where it is a bob and it isn’t all at the same time.


I have had it tidied up a little bit since then. I had the bottom layer taken off, because it was starting to look a little bit like a mullet again. So, I had it shaped at the back, and made to look like it had some sort of style.

A couple of months on, and I’m beginning to feel that it doesn’t look silly anymore, and I can get away with calling it a bob. Woohoo!


I had a photoshoot done not long ago by Castle Photography & Framing, and my hair looked pretty good in the photos! I have tried to recreate the hairstyle, but I haven’t been very successful. However, I think if I kept at it then I would be able to perfect it after a while.

Since that photo was taken, I’ve dyed it blue black. I read a blog written by Cash Carraway over at The Comeback Mum, and her hair looked absolutely stunning. I don’t like the expression “copy cats” – I prefer to call others inspirational.


Cash’s hair was such a gorgeous colour and looked so lovely, that I attempted to make mine look as nice as hers! It looked nice on the day, but I haven’t managed to successfully style it the way I did on the day.

I am wondering though, what hair colour do I really want? I haven’t finished growing it yet – it’s take at least another six months before I’m remotely happy with its length, but it’s almost there. It’s been so hard resisting the urge to have it all cut again, but I keep looking at photos of models who have the hair that I want, to remind myself of what I’m actually growing it for.

I don’t want long hair, I just want hair that doesn’t look like I’ve been styling my hair in the dark for months.


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