Fun and giggles and Trecco Bay

It’s been one week since Esme and I left Trecco Bay in Porthcawl, and it’s sad that she’s probably forgotten everything about it already.

Thankfully, I don’t have the memory of a 1-year-old, so my fond memories will stay with me forever.

We left our home town and travelled just over and hour an a half to Trecco Bay on April 4. Nanny, Bamp, Sophie and Dylan were already there, so we packed everything we needed and set off.

Our "We've arrived!" selfie

Our “We’ve arrived!” selfie


Unfortunately, Al couldn’t come due to work commitments, so we said our goodbyes before he left for work. I was little concerned about taking her all that way, because I have no idea how she would be with the long journey, but we got in the car and headed off anyway.

I timed the journey around the same time as she would normally have her nap, so I was pleased to find she slept nearly all the way, waking up ten minutes before our arrival!

Sophie and Esme having a bit of lunch on arrival before going to the park

Sophie and Esme having a bit of lunch on arrival before going to the park

We arrived and got to our caravan, where we met with the gang. After having a quick bit of lunch, we all took a trip to the park.


Esme and Sophie loved playing on the slide!

Esme and Sophie loved playing on the slide!


It was Esme’s first time at a park, so I didn’t know how she’d be. Dylan and Sophie were brilliant with her, and Esme took a shine to the slide!


Unfortunately, the rain came in pretty quick, and managed to soak us in seconds. After having a little glass of wine (I managed to kick the table and spill most on the floor), we popped back to the caravan and got changed into our swimming costumes to head off to the to the pool!

We got caught in the rain!

We got caught in the rain!


Esme looked unbelievably cute in her pink and blue Peppa Pig swimsuit, whilst I looked alright, if not a little bit too fat for my black and white one.

It had been a long time since Esme had been in a pool, and she’s developed a bit of a concern with water getting on her head. Nanny Jill bought a yellow ‘My baby float’ and we all entered the pool.

I was a little concerned about my tattoo being in the water, but it was over three weeks since I’d had it, so I took the chance! Turns out it was fine.

Esme's party outfit.

Esme’s party outfit.


Off to see Sid and Lizzy!


After having lots of fun in the pool, we all got back to the caravan to greet Uncle Graham who had decided to join us for the fun, got changed, and went to the Showdome to see Sid and Lizzy.

It was incredibly loud and jam-packed with little kids running around and dancing, and I was a little concerned about how Esme would react.

It was also way past her bed time.


However, I needn’t have worried, because she absolutely loved it! She threw her arms about in joy, dancing around to the songs that Sid and Lizzy were singing #ProudMumMoment

Esme wouldn't look at the camera!

Esme wouldn’t look at the camera!

Bamp ready to go off for a stroll.

Bamp ready to go off for a stroll.

The next day, we decided to go for a walk on the beach with Nanny and Bamp. whilst Uncle Graham, Sophie and Dylan went to the fair.

It was quite windy, but Esme loved running on the beach! It might be because there’s lots of space, but she seems so little!




IMG_6154 IMG_6157 IMG_6159

On our way back, we passed the gift shop. She spotted a basket outside with balls inside, some of which took her fancy. We decided to have a wander in the shop, and we ended coming out with a monkey and a ball for Esme, and matching bracelets for Sophie and I.

Esme's new monkey and ball!

Esme’s new monkey and ball!

We got back to the caravan and waited for Graham, Dylan and Sophie to come back. Once they came back, Graham made a move home and Dylan, Sophie and I decided that we fancied going to the pool again.

Esme however, stayed back at the caravan with Nan and Bamp.

Dylan, Sophie and I had huge amounts of fun at the pool, playing games to see who could swim the fastest, who could hold their breath the longest, who can do the best handstand, and who can swim the farthest underwater.

Esme loves bubblegum ice cream!

Esme loves bubblegum ice cream!

When we came out, Nanny, Bamp and Esme were waiting for us in the café. I decided to buy myself a bubblegum ice cream, intending to eat it all by myself. However, Esme decided she’d like a taste, and she enjoyed it thoroughly.

Once we were finished, we popped back to the caravan to meet with Esme, Nanny and Bamp. Esme had a play until bed time, and when she finally got to sleep, Sophie, Dylan and I decided to go to the arcade.

Pre arcade drinks!

Pre arcade drinks!


We popped to have a quick drink first, then the kids did a good job at spending my money for me. It was well spent, however, because I had lots of fun, too! We spent ages trying to win hundreds and hundreds of tickets to win a rubbish prize at the end of the week, but I didn’t mind. I was actually really enjoying the competitiveness!

Our third and final day was a relaxed one. We went back to the park, where Esme walked around pointing at other children running around excitedly, shouting “Ooh!” and “Aah!”

After playing on the slide for what seemed like forever (probably only about 20 minutes), we popped to the caravan so Esme could have her afternoon nap. Aunty Lynne had joined us in the morning, so Lynne, Sophie, Dylan and I popped to the fair.

I was happy before it started.

I was happy before it started.

Sophie wanted to go on every ride that spun you round and around, and I was happy to go on anything she wanted to.

We went on a ride that seemed to be harmless, however when it started, it went so fast that I was concerned that Sophie would fly right off it (I knew she wouldn’t, but you know!), so I put my arm around her to make me feel better!

Next was a ride that I thought would just gently go around in circles, however about 30 seconds into the ride, I realised that it was actually about to swing us around in the air. I looked to Sophie, who had been to the fair the day before, and said in the saddest voice possible: “Sophie, you tricked me!”


After numerous rides that went up and down and spun like crazy, I was feeling pretty sick and felt as though I had a massive hangover. With that, we decided to go back to the caravan, and get ready to see Sid and Lizzy.

An evening at the Showdome watching Sid and Lizzy!

An evening at the Showdome watching Sid and Lizzy!

We straightened ourselves up and I tried to get over the queasiness, and we headed off to the Showdome.

Nanny Jill bought Esme a Sid toy, and Sophie had a Lizzy. Sophie wanted a bubble/balloon blower, which took a good bit of lung work to get going, and a hell of a job to twist off into a cling film-like balloon or bubble – whatever it was.

In the words of Nanny Jill, it looks like I have blown up a lung.

In the words of Nanny Jill, it looks like I have blown up a lung.

We all took it in turns to blow a bubble, and for some reason I thought it was hilarious! And I wasn’t even drunk! We probably had much more fun with it than poor Sophie.

After a great sleep, we woke up, packed our bags, and headed off home again.

I had an amazing time at Trecco Bay, and I’m sure everyone else did too! It was sad that Al didn’t get the opportunity to come with us, but we kept in touch constantly, and I sent lots of photographs through for him to see.

I would definitely go again, and would recommend Trecco Bay to anyone thinking about going on a family holiday. We’re already wondering when we should go next!

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