Esme’s second trip to Clarks!

We decided that this weekend, we would get Esme some new shoes.

Esme had her first pair of shoes from Clarks in March, and they were absolutely fantastic. They were lovely black ones with little red lights on the bottom. She was also between sizes at the time, so it was difficult to find shoes that fit her anywhere other than Clarks.


Esme had fallen asleep in the car on the way to the shop, so I drove around for 20 minutes so she could have a little bit longer sleeping. I parked up, and it wasn’t until I lifted her out of her car seat that she started to wake up! I was hoping I could put her in her pram gently enough that she wouldn’t wake, but she did.

She’s never grumpy when she wakes up, so it wasn’t such a bad thing anyway.

We put the rain cover as Esme pointed out that it was raining, and said: “Aww, doggy!” when she saw a Weimerana having his walk in the rain.

We got to Clarks, and she wasn’t that keen on having her feet measured at first. After wiggling her toes and lifting up her leg a few times in protest, she eventually came around to the idea and let the lady measure her feet.

I was thinking about having her feet measured and then looking elsewhere for shoes, but when it was revealed she has size four and a half feet, I decided it was probably better to get shoes that fit her perfectly from Clarks.

We had a look at the gorgeous shoes the had on the shelf, and Esme took a liking to some teal glittery trainers.
She picked them up and said “Oooh!” as she tried to put them on by herself.

teal trainers

The lady went off to see if there were any in her size, and there were. Good news for Esme! We tried them on her and they seemed to fit great. She looked sturdy, and they looked super cute with her jeans.

I put them to one side as a purchase possibility, and took a look at some different ones.

Esme really liked these white shoes, with the face of a mouse on the toes and lights on the side. She picked them up and proceeded to bang them as hard as she could on the shelf. It was then that I encouraged her to look at something else, and quickly put them on a higher shelf so they were out of reach.

white shoes

I asked if they were in her size, and unfortunately they weren’t, so we had to look for something else. Maybe next time!

I spotted some canvas shoes that I’d seen the first time we went to Clarks. They weren’t in her size last time, and I had intended to keep an eye out for them online.

They didn’t have half sizes, but there was a size five in stock.

canvas shoes

The lady kindly went off to get them for us, and helped Esme try them on. They seemed to fit perfectly, and gave support to her ankle. However, I was concerned that they wouldn’t be comfortable for her because they were half a size too big.

The lady asked me to try and coax her into walking a little way, to see if she tripped at all or if she walked okay in them.

I started to walk toward the door, and asked Esme to follow. However, she looked at me as if I was a mad woman, and said: “No.”

I tried walking away as if we were leaving, but she didn’t seem to care, and was quite happy shoe shopping. I then told her: “Hey, Esme! I think I can see a monkey outside!”

With this, she let out a little squeal and ran toward me, craning her neck to see out of the door. For a 16-month-old, her level of understanding never ceases to amaze me.

Once she’d ran almost the entire length of the shop, I said: “Oh no, he’s just gone around the corner. Never mind.”
She took it well, and wandered back to the shoes.

I decided that she could have the canvas shoes I’d been eyeing up for a while, because she walked brilliantly in them, and they look awesome!

But, I was still undecided about the blue/green ones. Green in her favourite colour (she says so herself) and she did pick them out. They were the first ones she looked at, and kept going back to hold them.

I put the canvas shoes and the green trainers side by side, and asked her which ones were her favourite. She walked over and picked up one of each shoe.

I ended up buying both.

Wearing her new shoes!

Wearing her new shoes! She hasn’t worn the green ones yet.

To me, Clarks is the best place to go to buy your kids’ shoes. They’re extremely friendly, and seem as though they genuinely care about the welfare of your feet!

It’s a shame that Esme’s shoes will only last her a few months, but whilst she’s growing I think it’s important to get ones that fit just right.

We left the shop with Esme wearing her canvas shoes, and carrying the box with her second pair in.

The old ones were put in the bottom of the pram. Bless them.

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