Esme’s first beach trip

Since Esme started walking, Al and I couldn’t wait to bring her to the beach! We used to live by the beach, but she never had the opportunity of walking along it, because she couldn’t walk when we lived there!

Esme had been on the beach before, but only in the pram!

Esme had been on the beach before, but only in the pram!


We had pushed her along in the pram from time to time, but it’s not quite the same as taking her so she can have her own little run around.

So, when the sun came out last weekend, we decided to grab the car keys, our coats and trainers, and take a trip to the beach – the village where we used to live.

Esme was pretty tired, and fell asleep in the car on the way there. I felt a little guilty for waking her up, but once she had, she soon forgot that she wanted to have a nap instead of a walk!

Al and I grabbed a hand each and walked to the seafront. Once we hit the sand, we let go of her and let her do her own thing. She immediately let out a little squeal of excitement and tried to run.





I say tried, because she ended up falling over, causing her hands to become caked in wet, soggy sand! She wasn’t too happy about this, so Al and I let her wipe her hands on our jeans.

She desperately wanted to chase the dozens of dogs running about of the beach, and was pointing at them with her arm outstretched, shouting: “DOG!”

She spent half of the time running around, and the other half on Al’s shoulders. It was brilliant that we got to experience Esme’s first beach trip together, and I’m thrilled that she loved it so much!

I picked a small rock from the beach, to keep in my little memory box to remind me of the first time we took a walk on the beach, and to show Esme when she gets a little older. I know the silly rock won’t mean much to her, but it will to me.

photo 4 (2) photo 2 (2)



I’ve made a promise to myself and to Esme, that we will visit the beach as often as we can. After all, we are surrounded by them!

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