Esme Rose and the nappy of doom!

So it’s been ten weeks since Esme came into our lives, and she’s made a huge difference! So much has happened in this time, it’s hard to summarise it!

February 1, 2015

February 1, 2015

I remember after I’d given birth, I felt like I’d been hit by a lorry. Everyone talks about how much giving birth hurts (although mine was painless from the epidural!), but nobody ever tells you how you’ll feel afterwards, mentally and physically. I felt extremely tired and I was aching all over, and my stretch marks looked much worse with a jelly belly than a nice firm round one!

I was a bit sad about the look of my post pregnancy belly compared to my nice flat pre pregnancy one, but I soon got over it and I recovered well, and was back into (some) of my jeans that I wore before pregnancy, although I’m still two stone heavier than I used to be!

Al and I have learnt some very valuable lessons over the weeks, such as never to go out without a spare change of clothes for Esme, which was learnt when she was two weeks old.

When Esme was born I really wanted to breast feed her, but I found she wouldn’t latch on to me, which made me feel really frustrated thinking I was doing it wrong.

We then found out she was tongue tied, which was the reason she could not latch. Being tongue tied meant that her tongue was attached to the bottom of her mouth; the result of this was that the movement of her tongue was restricted.

We saw the doctor the day after she was born, who said it wasn’t necessary to have it snipped, but we could have it done if we wanted to.

I thought that if it was unnecessary, I wouldn’t bother, so we went away that day having not had it done, but we made an appointment for when she was around 12 days old to see if I had changed my mind.

After much research, we decided that having her tongue snipped would be the best option for her. After a lot of waiting at Glangwili Hospital, she had her tongue snipped. Al had to hold her, as Mums get a little distressed during the process – I had the option to leave the room while it was done, but I decided to stay. Even though she wouldn’t remember or even know I wasn’t in the room, I wanted to be strong for her and not leave her side, so I instead stood the opposite side of the room and watched.

A few seconds and it was over. Esme handled it extremely well, whereas I found it difficult not to shed a tear!

After the procedure we were put into a side room, and had to stay for half an hour after to give her a bottle to make sure she was feeding okay. As I was feeding her, I noticed she was damp. Now, I have no idea when this happened, because she seemed to be clean one minute and filthy the next, but she was plastered in muck from her waist down.

But it wasn’t everywhere, it was in splodges! A bit on a toe, some on a knee, and absolutely filling the nappy she had on.

I thought I’d better tackle it quickly, however I hadn’t packed a spare change of clothes. I undressed her, and stared at her for about 30 seconds in utter shock, because I had no idea where to start! In the end, I armed myself with a load of baby wipes and went for it.

Al drove off to Tesco (which is quite a way from the hospital) to buy her some new clothes, while I tried to clean up the never ending stink coming from Esme!

I put her poo-covered clothes in a nappy bag and into our changing bag, and took off my jumper to wrap her in to keep her warm until Al came back, but unfortunately, my jumper was too small and Esme’s feet were sticking out of the bottom of the swaddle I had made. However, thankfully, the side room we were in had a load of towels in, so I pinched a large one and wrapped her in that instead.

Since then, I have never gone out without spare everything for her! So that was that lesson learnt …

In the ten weeks that Esme has been around, we’ve found out what her likes and dislikes are, and we’ve found that she really likes punk rock music. When I was pregnant with her, I used to listen to a band called the Eureka Machines, and I played their song Popstar pretty much on repeat in my car when I was driving back and forth to work.

When Esme was crying one day, Al played Popstar on his phone for her and she stopped crying instantly. It’s always a good one to play when I need to pop off to do the washing up!

Mini punk rocker!

Mini punk rocker!

Since then, we’ve found it’s not just Popstar she likes, she loves everything with a heavy drum beat and loud guitars. She’s definitely going to be a punk rocker like her Dad!

She also loves a bath! We used to use a bath thermometer for the bath, but it broke after a few uses so I’ve been going by my own judgement since then.

But whenever Esme is in the bath, she has a bit of a shocked expression on her face when she first goes in the water as if she’s not expecting it, but she soon relaxes and throws a load of smiles my way.

She loves kicking her legs as if she’s about to take off when she’s in the bath, which results in water splashing everywhere (mostly onto me). I’ve also taken her into the bath with me a few times, which is really nice! I find it easier to get everywhere with the baby wash when she’s in the bath or shower with me, and she seems to be more relaxed.

She used to quite like peeing on me as soon as she got out of the bath, but it’s subsided a little now. One day, I took her out of the bath and wrapped her in a towel, then she peed on me and was sick, so I had to start all over again!

Esme had her eight week injections two weeks ago, and I was so proud! There were a couple of baby boys there having the same done, and they screamed at the top of their lungs just being weighed. When it came to undressing

Esme, putting her on the weighing scales and being measured, she smiled and cooed at the doctors and health visitors.

Two months old and bearing lots of smiles!

Two months old and bearing lots of smiles!

At eight weeks, Esme weighed 10lb 11oz and she’s 57.5cm!
She had an injection in her right leg, screamed once, then had an injection in her left.

The left leg was a bit more of a shock for her – she wasn’t expecting it a second time and let out a big cry followed by a few silent sobs! But I put her against my shoulder and she calmed instantly. I was so proud of her for being so good, and the health visitors were impressed with how quickly she calmed down.

She had a temperature that night from the injections and she wasn’t herself for a couple of days, but now she’s back to her normal smiley self!
I just wish she’d learn to sleep through the night.


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