Devils, a ghost, and Stardust from WWE

Esme looking cute in her ghost costume.

Esme looking cute in her ghost costume.

Halloween is the best excuse ever to get dressed up and have fun! I always spend ages trying to decide what to dress up as, even before I know if I’m actually going to go anywhere.

I’d seen so many baby Halloween costumes, that were so adorable I could have bought them all. After looking a pumpkin outfits and witches, I decided that my favourite baby costume was a ghost one from Tesco that said ‘Boo’ on it.

The ruffled skirt and the cute tights sold it to me straight away, and I could already see Esme wearing it. And even though we had already prepared ourselves for Halloween, having bought costumes from 6-9 months for her while I was pregnant, I couldn’t resist.

And how glad I was, when I finally put it on her on the morning of October 31!

She’ll probably only ever wear it once, unless I put different tights with it and maybe a jumper over the top so it doesn’t look like a Halloween costme any more.

But this picture makes it totally worth it!

Me as the fantastic Stardust from WWE

Me as the fantastic Stardust from WWE

Me on the other hand, had debated for ages what the best thing for me to go as would be. I had contemplated dressing up as one of the boys from KISS, but after looking at their makeup, and coming to the realisation I’m not actually a big fan of KISS, I decided maybe that wasn’t the best idea.

I thought about what I like most, and WWE instantly came to mind. I thought about dressing up as Paige, but I didn’t think I could quite pull off the bralet and shorts with the fishnet tights and boots look.

Instead, I decided to go as Stardust, so I grabbed some black skinny jeans, black boots, my Stardust t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Not quite the skin tight wet look leather (or whatever material it’s made of) that Stardust wears, but it was a last minute decision, and I knew that would look cool.



It was the day of Halloween that I decided this, as Lynne and Sophie were having a girls Halloween house party, and Esme and I were invited, and I didn’t give myself much time to grab the essentials.

I was going to just use yellow eyeshadow and black liquid eyeliner, but after taking a trip to Snapdragon in Milford Haven, I noticed gold Snazaroo face paint, and of course, some black, too. As soon as I saw the gold, I HAD to get it. It looked awesome!

I really wanted to get some red contact lenses, too, but all that was left were white, black, or green cats eyes. I went for the green, because I know Goldust (Stardust’s brother) wears green contact lenses, and I thought white may freak Esme out.

I went back home and got ready for the evening, while Esme had cuddles and played with Al.

I made sure I took a good photo and tweeted it to Stardust, hoping I might get a ‘Retweet’. I’d check later.

The pumpkin I'd made in work!

The pumpkin I’d made in work!


Once we were all set, we jumped in the car and drove to see Lynne and Sophie. The house was decorated beautifully, with pumpkins, cobwebs and spiders (fake ones, might I add) and sparkly skulls that glowed different colours.

I was thinking when I got there that I should have brought the pumpkin that I’d made with me. Al and I didn’t bother much with the decorations, but I’d make one in work for the office window, and I was so proud of it, that my boss kindly let me take it home.

It was the first pumpkin I’d ever carved, and was rather shocked that I was allowed to be let loose with a knife in work, considering how clumsy I can be.

Al would have had a heart attack if he’d have seen me!

Sophie had a few friends over, who were all dressed up and looking great! Nanny came along, too, dressed as a witch with a multicoloured wig on!

Sophie, Lynne, Esme and I, doing our best scary faces.

Sophie, Lynne, Esme and I, doing our best scary faces.



Lynne and Sophie were wearing awesome, matching red devil costumes, with red faces and fake blood everywhere!

Even the dog, Ruby had some on, which still hasn’t washed out properly, so now looks like she’s had a pink rinse!

We played pin the spider on the web, pass the parcel, bobbing apples (reinvented to fishing out sweets from the bottom of a bowl filled with popcorn), and then we split into teams of two, and had 60 seconds to guess what one of our team mates were drawing.

After that, it was off trick or treating, where the girls got themselves a bucketful of sweets, and a pomegranate, which was confusedly received by the girls from a lady, who I think, forgot it was October 31.




Rather pleased!

Rather pleased!


After that, it was back to the house to say our goodbyes, then home to see Daddy and to check my Twitter. And, I’m pleased to say, Stardust ‘Favourited’ my tweet. Okay, not a ‘Retweet’, but I’ll take that!

It wasn’t long before Esme went to bed, and Al and I stayed up and watched some TV, while I helped myself to a glass of wine. Or two!

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