Buying Esme her first pair of shoes!

Last week, Esme started walking. She was toddling for a while, clinging onto the sofa and taking a few steps, but she wouldn’t let go of anyhting and walk by herself.

toddlingEsme’s Auntie Meg came to visit from Manchester with Uncle Andrew, and she brought with her some lovely clothes that belonged to her little girl, as well as a pair of little shoes.

They were lovely red ones, and they seemed to fit Esme really well. And, after putting the, on her, she seemed to be more confident walking, and she hasn’t stopped since! Watch the video of her toddling around here!

So, Al and I decided that on the weekend, we’d take her to Clarks to get her her very first proper pair of shoes.

We bundled the buggie into the boot, and off we went to the shops. Al and I wandered through the town to get to Clarks, and eventually found the place we were looking for.

We went into the shop and sat down, and waited for someone to assist us. I didn’t want to start looking at shoes already, because I didn’t want to start looking at shoes that weren’t suitable for her feet.

We were there all of thirty seconds before a lovely lady came to greet us. I explained how we were after a pair of first shoes for Esme, and she went off to get the tools to measure her feet.

Esme seemed to know that she was having her feet measured, as she put her legs up as if to offer her feet to the lady!

shoesWe found out that Esme’s feet are size 3.5, and one is slightly broader than the other: Her left is F, while her right foot is a G.

We were shown where we needed to go, and Al, Esme and I looked at all the beautiful shoes. I spotted a pair of grey and pink ones, which looked awesome, and a pair of black T-Bar shoes, with lights on the bottom.

I let Esme have a look for herself, and whilst shouting “SHOES!”, she picked up some pink pumps with a daisy on. I would have bought them for her, but I definitely wanted to get a black pair because she has so many blue and red clothes!

We asked the lady if there were any shoes in Esme’s size that were in stock, and unfortunately, the trainers only started in size 4. But, they did have the right size in the black shoes!

I put them on her feet and they looked gorgeous. I got her to walk around a little bit to make sure she could walk in them properly, and she looked so cool! The lady in the shop was watching Esme, and she said: “Aww! She’s so cute!”

And I felt very proud.

sheosThe lady also told us that because we were buying shoes from the First Shoes range, we could have a free photo that would be emailed and posted to us. Al didn’t want to get in the picture, so Esme and I had a picture together, and I love it!

We paid for her shoes, and brought her back home to see how she was walking in them. And, she hasn’t stopped walking since!

I think what I love most about them is that they light up every time she takes a step. She looks so cute!

So, if your little one is up and about and walking around, I would highly recommend going to Clarks! The service was brilliant, and we all had a great time picking out her first shoes.

Let’s hope she doesn’t grow out of them too quick!

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