An autumnal adventure to Picton Castle


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take Esme on a little autumnal adventure. It won’t be long before the leaves have all either fallen or been blown away, and there won’t be much left to enjoy except the crisp coldness of winter.

I also wanted to get some photography practise in, and get used to my new camera. I’d had a lovely session on the beach a few days previously, which you can read about here. I got the bug for it, and I was dying to go out and start snapping again.

For someone who lives in the countryside, I don’t know an awful lot about it, so I decided to invite Nanny Bev and Grandad Andrew along for some company,and let them decide where we should go.

We opted for Picton Castle, which isn’t far away from where I live. We got in the car, packed out cameras and went for it!

I knew my camera’s battery wasn’t the best, so I’d charged a spare one to bring with me in case it ran out of battery. However, minutes after stepping out of the car and getting ourselves ready to go for our walk my battery died on my camera. I reached into my pocket to get the spare battery but found nothing but old receipts.

I frantically searched, before I realised I had left the spare battery on charge at my house. What an idiot!

Luckily, I had my iPhone with me, and I used that to take some photographs. They weren’t quite the same, and the photos that I took didn’t turn out how I imagined them. However, I was still pleased with the end result!

It’s not the season for people to be visiting the castle, and three four of us were there by ourselves. It was the perfect opportunity to explore and take full advantage of our surroundings. It was so quiet and peaceful – completely idyllic.

We took our first steps toward the front of the castle along a little nature trail, until we came to a bench underneath a beautiful tree filled with red leaves. I encouraged Esme to sit on the bench for a little while so I could take some photographs of her, but it wasn’t long before she decided to move on to something else.


We walked on a little bit, until we found a spectacular tree with hundreds of yellow leaves, many of which had fallen to the floor creating a huge crunchy sea of fun. I couldn’t resist picking the leaves up and throwing the in the air, and after a while, neither could Esme!

All three of us paraded in the leaves, kicking them about and throwing them around. Esme even decided to have a lie down in them! I would have encouraged her to make a leaf angel, but they were a little on the damp side, so I just took a photo and helped her up.


picton9 picton8

From there, we found a wonderful tree with spiralling branches, that I couldn’t help but climb. I soon began to feel old, as I couldn’t quite climb the branches as well as I could have done a few years ago.
Grandad on the other hand, managed to get up the tree and give it a hug “like a true tree hugger,” much to Esme’s delight!


We moved forward and onto a walled garden with a sparkling pond. There weren’t any fish, even though Esme swore she could see some, but it was still beautiful. I thought it would be fun and look nice to take a photo of myself and my mum peeking around a tree trunk. I kind of wish that someone had taken a photo of us getting into the right position to take the photo, because we must have looked like right idiots!


I think I like the end result. I’m not too sure.

It started to get dark, so we started to make our way back to the car park. We took a route that went past the castle, and Esme with all her hilarious youthful spirit, ran toward it shouting: “I knock on the door! Hello! Is anybody home?”

She never fails to make me laugh!


She started to get tired, so I put her on my shoulders for the final stretch of the walk back to the car. We spotted a gorgeous grey squirrel on our way there, too! It took us ages to point him out to Esme, and she only managed to spot him because he ran across our path, making lots of noise as he went over the leaves on the ground.

He stopped as he got half way up the trunk of a tree near the car park, and Esme had the opportunity of looking at him, shouting hello, and saying: “Aww, he’s so cute!

I’m so pleased I managed to get out and about with Esme. She absolutely loved her day out, and it’s given me inspiration to take her other places to explore the great outdoors.

But next time, I’ll charge my camera!!


An autumnal adventure to Picton Castle — 9 Comments

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  2. Lovely photos! This looks like it was a fun day out. It’s annoying when the camera battery runs out, but the iPhone photos captured the fun you had! Angharad ☺️

  3. I love visiting places in the off season! Especially with little ones in tow. You can just go at your own pace and really explore. Looks like a fun adventure. #chasingnature

  4. I’m always forgetting a spare battery or my SD card, you managed to get some nice pics though. I love getting out and about at this time of year, it’s so nice to avoid the crowds and have gorgeous places all to yourself. #ChasingNature

  5. What a great sort of place to explore and it sounds like it has given you the inspiration to don your boots and coats more often even as we head in to winter. There is sp much beauty to discover and hopefully it will instill in Esme a love of the natural world.

    Many thanks for joining in with mu #GoingGreenLinky and I hope you can join in the next one in January – how about a post on your green New Year Resolutions?

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