Abuse is never okay


Everyone loves to rant on Facebook, don’t they? People get so passionate about things that are so minuscule and forget about what actually matters in the world, or just plain and simply fail to see the real point of an argument.

You might have noticed a video circulating on the internet lately, of a teenage girl having her head shaves against her will. The description, is that she bullied somebody with cancer because they were bald, so her mother took it upon herself to “discipline” her child, and shave her daughter’s head so she knows how it feels.

I am writing this, after seeing it appear on my timeline half an hour ago, so my feelings are still fresh.

Everyone always says, that the most common reason for someone to bully another person is because they have problems they are trying to deal with themselves. So, isn’t it a good idea to try finding out what those problems are, working through them, and coming out the other end a better person?

Normally people agree, but as far as this girl is concerned, the general feeling is no. Many people took to commenting, liking and sharing this post, saying that the mother did the right thing, and that this teenage girl “got what she deserved.”

How fucking ridiculous is that? How are we supposed to teach children not to be cruel by being cruel to them? What the fuck does that solve?

Millions of people have shared this video, including mothers. So, does that mean that abuse is okay now?

Now, let’s not forget that shaving somebody’s head is illegal anyway, and to video it and share it on social media is absolutely disgusting. But, because the word “cancer” is used, it’s suddenly okay for it to happen.

Bear in mind, that this girl is on the floor, screaming and sobbing, whilst somebody is gripping her hair in the hand so she can’t get away and is shaving it all off.

It’s sickening to watch, and what’s even more sickening is the amount of people wishing to watch it, and finding it funny. What a cruel, cruel world we live in.

Could you imagine somebody doing that to you? Forget that she allegedly bullied someone with cancer (this is not proven and is just a premise to make people think it’s okay), and imagine that you are her.

Think of how utterly heartbroken, humiliated and betrayed you would feel. I can’t understand why anybody would think this is acceptable, because it isn’t.

Some are saying that it is an old video, but does that matter?

In June 2015, a 13-year-old girl took her own life after her father made a video of himself questioning her, after he cut her hair as punishment. Is this really the way to go?

Please, think about what your are sharing and think about what the real problem is here. Maybe if she had decent parents, she wouldn’t have allegedly bullied someone in the first place.

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