A trip to the park with Sophie and Arthur


On Saturday, Esme decided she really didn’t fancy having a morning or an afternoon nap. She had become unwell a few days before and had managed to pass it on to me and Nanny Jill (Al seems to have evaded it).

I was still wearing my loose pyjamas bottoms and my pink Crufts hoodie, whilst sitting on the sofa sticking what looks like a tampon up my nose in an attempt to clear my sinuses (it’s actually an Olbas nasal stick, and it works really well), when I decided that we might as well go out for a little bit rather than stay in and watch some videos.

I made a quick decision to take Esme to the park. I jumped in the shower and applied my make up, and sent Sophie a quick text to see if Arthur fancied coming to play, too.

I soon had a reply, and I was pleased that Sophie and Arthur would be joining us for some toddler fun!
Esme and I put on our shoes and jumped in the car, and drove to Sophie and Arthur’s house so we could walk to the park together.

Esme was really shy when we first arrived, which was a little annoying because all she wanted to do was cling to me for dear life and pull the saddest of sad faces, and all I wanted to do was put her bloomin’ reigns on her so she could walk down the road safely if she let go of my hand.


After a little bit of wrestling with the reigns, we managed to get out of the door and get to the park. Esme was dying to get on the swings, so that’s where we went first. Arthur joined us, and both toddlers sat side by side, swinging along whilst Sophie and I moaned chatted about life.

From there, Esme decided she fancied having a go on the slide. I helped her climb up the steps to the platform, and she was pretty good from there. She crawled through the tunnel to get to the other end to meet me at the top of the slide.

She positioned herself, and went for it.

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After this, she thought it would be a brilliant idea to walk back up the slide and do it again, because it was obviously too much work to go all the way around. There were no other children waiting to use it, so I let her carry on under a watchful eye.

Arthur joined us by the slide, and gave me a beautiful beaming smile. I know you shouldn’t have favourites, but (apart from Esme of course) Arthur is totally mine. Just look at that face!


Esme wanted to play hide and seek in the park, but I could tell she was starting to get tired. We had a quick look around at the trees and the plants, and started to head home. I put Esme on my shoulders, and she counted to 10 to herself all the way back to the car.

I love meeting up with Sophie and Arthur, even if we don’t manage to hold a proper conversation for running after our toddlers and shouting to each other across the park.

We definitely need to do it again soon!

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A trip to the park with Sophie and Arthur — 7 Comments

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  2. Park visits are teh best. Especially this time of year. I really hope the weather holds up so we can go to the park after school this afternoon πŸ˜€ xx #ChasingNature

  3. Ah those last-minute trips to the park often end up being the most fun. My youngest is 5 now and I’m still having those unfinished conversations thanks to running after her! #ChasingNature

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