A trip to Broad Haven with Grandad

I really wanted to get out this week and try out my camera properly. I wanted to go somewhere with lots of trees to capture the wonderful seasonal colours, but I wasn’t exactly sure where to go.

For someone who lives in a rural area, I’m not all that knowledgable when it comes to going for a walk.
Instead, I opted to go to the beach. I’d been to Newgale beach not long ago, so I didn’t want to go there again this time. Instead, I went to Broad Haven beach.

I didn’t fancy going on my own, so I invited Grandad Andrew and Nanny Bev. Unfortunately Nanny Bev had to go to work, but Grandad Andrew was free, so he jumped in the car with us and off we went!

I started snapping as soon as we got out of the car. I couldn’t wait to start taking photos, so I let Grandad and Esme go off on their little adventure, while I snapped away.

img_3448 img_3453 img_3467 img_3493 img_3497

After a little while I gave the camera to Grandad so I could get in on the action and have some photos taken of me with Esme, too. It’s not often that Esme and I have a photo taken together, unless I take a selfie. But, it doesn’t have the same effect.

It took Grandad a little while to get used to my camera, but it wasn’t long before he was snapping away and taking lovely photos of us both.

img_3542 img_3544 img_3546 img_3551 img_3554

I was really pleased that Esme enjoyed her time out, and that she liked her wellies! The alst pair of wellies I bought her didn’t fit, because she’s got quite wide feet. I went for the next size up for her, and put three pairs of socks on her.

It seemed to work, and she didn’t trip once, which I was very happy about!

img_3566 Grandad drew her name in the sand, and she spent a considerable amount of time just looking at it.img_3572

I let her play in the water a little bit, so she could test her wellies out. But once I’d let her play in it I couldn’t keep her away from the water, and she ended up getting absolutely soaked!

It was quite late in the day that we went to the beach, and it was already starting to get a little dark. I wanted to leave the beach, but Esme wanted to sit on the rocks for a little while. I let her sit on them, and she started picking up pebbles and throwing them, after shouting: “Ready, steady, go!”

img_3616 img_3659 img_3683 img_3701

She didn’t want to leave, and we had a few tears on out way back to the car. I’m just glad she had so much fun – we’ll have to do it again very soon!


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  2. Ah I have seaside living envy again – what a gorgeous place. We always have issues with wellies fitting properly too, extra pairs of socks is the way to go I think – it keeps their feet nice and warm too. Fab photos, I love the ones where the light is fading. #ChasingNature

    • You should come to Pembrokeshire to explore them! Yeah, wellies are so annoying. I did manage to find a different pair in Sports Direct that fit her really well though! Might be worth checking there 😛 xx

  3. I love Broad Haven beach, we’ve been there a few times when we’ve visited Pembrokeshire. How lovely to have photos of you and Esme – I’m the same, always behind the camera.
    Thanks for hosting.
    Alana x

    • It’s so annoying not being in the photos, isn’t it? Haha! Especially when you only really like the way you look in a selfie 😛 xx

  4. Esme is adorable – reminds me of Izzie when she was smaller! I’ve been saying for so long I want to visit Pembrokeshire – just mentioned it to my hubby and he said we could go for the day one Sunday. Will link up the post when we do! It looks beautiful xx

    • You really should visit Pembrokeshire! I prefer it in the autumn and winter months when there aren’t so many tourists around. Life is hard for a local in summer! Haha! I would definitely recommend Broad Haven and Newgale! Two of my favourite beaches!! You should let me know when you come down, and we could have a little blogger meet, maybe? 😛 xx

  5. I’d always go to the beach, if I had a choice. Broad Haven looks amazing. I’m glad you had fun and were able to try out your camera. #Chasingnature

    • I used to live in Broad Haven! We moved because it was inconvenient with travelling to work. I’d like to move back there again some day though. It was so lush to be able to just walk there!

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