A letter to Esme: My beautfiful 2-year-old girl

To my beautiful, brown-eyed girl.

On Sunday, you turned 2 years old. I’ve been referring to you as a two-year-old for months, so it didn’t seem so much of a shock to me as it was when you turned 1!

After you went to bed the night before your big day, your Daddy and I spent the evening setting up your new presents, taking them out of the boxes and making sure they were all working perfectly, then carefully placing them back in the packaging for you.

I suddenly panicked and didn’t think we’d bought enough, so I went and bought you a couple of extra things, along with a giant pink balloon in the shape of a number 2.

Daddy and I wrapped your presents and blew up the balloons, and placed them at the end of the rug in front of your balloon. In the morning, you would wake to find a toy CD player, a Kidizoom Duo camera, a 12″ Hulk, a brand new tea set and a tablet!

Daddy managed to find all of your favourite apps, and free Hulk from the box so he would be easy for you to take out in the morning. I forgot to do that with your other toys, so we still had to fetch the scissors the next day!

We decided to do a little ‘Elf on the Shelf’ type scene with the Avengers, Wolverine and John Cena. The boys, as you call them, were so eager to welcome the newest member of the Avengers to the team, that they started opening your present without you! Cheeky beggers!

When you saw all of your presents on the living room floor, coupled with the banners and bunting on the walls and the balloons, you gasped. It was so cute! I couldn’t wait to show you what we’d bought.

I was really impressed with how you opened your presents all by yourself. You needed a little bit of help with your presents at Christmas, but this time you had it covered. And you loved everything, which was a relief!

We saw all of the Nannies and Grandad’s on Mammy’s side first thing in the morning, where you received lots of birthday cuddles and kisses. We didn’t stay too long though, because we wanted to be back home before Sophie and Arthur came to visit.

They brought with them some of the most awesome gifts! You had Captain America pyjamas, Avengers slipper socks and an Avengers sticker book. We have yet to try the sticker book, but you look awesome as Captain America! I may have to invest in some more.

I know you love Arthur, even though sometimes you don’t show it. You tend to get rather possessive other your things, and you don’t like him playing with your favourite toys. It’s okay though – you’ll learn how to share as you grow.

To be honest, Mammy doesn’t like people touching her stuff either!

You didn’t mind Arthur playing with your new KidiZoom Due camera though. Arthur seemed to love taking selfies (LAD!) and photos of Mammy and Sophie’s feet! But, when he sat at your desk, you went off the head a little!

We went to Nanny Jill’s afterwards to have a little tea party. When we arrived, we could see a birthday banner in the window and superhero balloons. We went inside to see Nanny, who was standing next to the beautiful trike she had bought you.

You made us all laugh when you totally ignored the trike, and instead gasped at the Spider-Man balloon in the window!

Once you’d noticed it, you did give us the reaction we’d hoped! You got straight on, and once we’d adjusted the straps, we went for a little test drive. You fit perfectly, and it looked like you had so much fun! I can’t wait to take you out in it – it looks so awesome!

It wasn’t long before we lit the candles on the cake and sang “Happy Birthday” to you. You weren’t best impressed, but when we finished you thoroughly enjoyed blowing out your candles and eating Hulk’s trousers.

Weeks before your birthday, we asked you what type of cake you wanted. We were originally planning on a Spider-Man cake, but we changed our minds to an Avengers cake. That was, until you asked for a Hulk cake, and said will a huge smile across your face that you wanted to eat his trousers.

So, after singing Happy Birthday and blowing out your candles, we let you eat his trousers. Nanny’s cakes are always fantastic, and Hulk was no exception! The OCD in me really wanted to slice the cake, but I held back and let you HULK SMASH!

We went home at the end of the day, and tried to wind down and relax before going to bed. You kept calling your number 2 balloon a flamingo, and honestly, I could see where you were coming from. You wanted to ride it, and you had done earlier in the day! But this time, Daddy helped you get on the bottom of it so you could ride it, and it popped and left you sitting on the floor instead!

I was really impressed you didn’t cry. I thought you would, but instead you just seemed really disappointed. Two days later, and you still ask “Where’s the mingo gone?” when you walk into the living room.

I’ve been so tempted to buy another one, but I’ve resisted the urge so far!

You truly had a wonderful day, filled with love and laughter. It’s strange to think that you’re growing up so quickly!

You’ve always seemed older than you are, and you are so, so beautiful. It feels like I’m talking to a five-year-old sometimes! I’ve never seen anybody look so angelic and mischievous at the same time, or someone who is so perfect. I know it sounds cliche, but I didn’t know I could ever look at anyone with so much pride, and not know how anyone could be as wonderful as you are.

You are such an intelligent young lady: You never fail to amaze your Dad and I. You do without realising!

We love you more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday sweetheart. Or should I say, superhero! xx


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