An unexpected weekend away in Swansea

After months of training and planning for the Cardiff Half Marathon, unfortunately, one week before the run I became ill and contracted a pretty nasty chest infection.

Having had a trip to the doctor, who said there was crackling on my left lung and that I should not race, I then drove home with antibiotics in my pocket, feeling rather disheartened.

I’d booked a hotel in Swansea the night before race day, as my plan was to drive up for Cardiff on the morning of the race from Swansea.

Unfortunately, the hotel was non refundable, so I tried to find out a way either I – or someone else – could use it.

On Friday night, when I knew for definitely I would not be running, I offered my sister-in-law and her daughter the room, as I knew they’d been meaning to go to Swansea for a shopping trip, and, more importantly, go to Toys ‘R’ Us.

Lynne kindly invited Esme and I, and after careful consideration and worrying about whether or not I’d be comfortable with bringing Esme, I decided I’d go for it.

After a 1 hour 30 minute car journey, we finally arrived at the hotel and unloaded the car. Esme slept the majority of the way, which I was extremely pleased with. I was concerned that she’d get frustrated and want to come out, but she was great.

We got out our iPhones and worked out how far away we were from Wind Street – it turned out to be a mile away.

With that, we got the buggy and our coats from the car and headed for the shops. It wasn’t long before we arrived and had a quick wander. We didn’t bother doing much shopping, because Sophie really wanted to go to Toys ‘R’ Us, which closed in an hour and a half.

Esme found the Costa cups rather amusing!

Esme found the Costa cups rather amusing!

We went to Costa to grab ourselves a coffee and a snack, and to give Esme some food and a bottle. She didn’t quite fit in the high chair provided by Costa, but it did the job!

Every time Lynne took a sip from her mug, Esme gave her a big smile. We think that Esme might have thought

Lynne was playing peek-a-boo, because she kept disappearing behind her giant mug every time she took a sip.

From there, we went to Toys ‘R’ Us, much to Sophie’s delight. She made lots of ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ noises over the My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop toys, and decided she’d like a few to take home to the hotel to play with that evening.

But, it wasn’t just Sophie cooing over all the lovely toys, it was me, too! I spent most of my time in the Babies R Us section, looking at all the lovely prams and walkers, until I found the toys.

I wanted to get Esme something with a mirror on, because she thoroughly enjoyed talking to herself through one at play group a few days ago.

New toys!

New toys!

I found a Lamaze snail with a mirror for a shell, which lights up when you press the mirror. I decided instantly that I wanted it, and noticed that it was 3 for 2 on the Lamaze range.

Lynne and I decided that the robot and the peek-a-boo book were the toys that Esme would like most, so went for those.
photo 1 (1) I couldn’t help but take a look at the baby clothes, where I spotted a gorgeous grey knitted dress. It was a bit pricey for something so small, but I loved it so much I had to buy it!

The call came to finish up and leave as they were closing, so we headed to the checkouts, bought our things and went back to the hotel.
photo 5

When we got there, we decided we fancied a bit of pizza.

The hotel didn’t do pizza, so I had an idea – I searched for pizza deliveries in Swansea and ordered a load of food from a restaurant through Just Eat. Within an hour, we’d munched our way through it and were feeling very full and happy!

Bed time came around for the little girls, but Esme didn’t quite fancy her travel cot. It was really hot in the hotel, and the open window didn’t do all that much.

I’d dressed Esme in her pyjamas, and she didn’t seem like she was going to settle for bed. Her cheeks looked a little red, so I stripped her off to her nappy and she instantly looked happier.

I brought her into the double bed with me, and she rolled around again and again, until she decided to lie diagonally in the middle of the bed, spread eagled, leaving me not all that much room!

She slept there, just in her nappy wth the duvet up to her chest all night. I however, could not sleep a wink. I kept waking up making sure she was still okay, because she’d decided to sleep on her front. She sleeps on her front at home in her cot in her own room, but on this occasion, I could see her, and I worried that she couldn’t breathe.

So, for the majority of the night, I watched her little body, rising and falling with every little breath she took.

Finally, morning came, and it was time for Esme to have breakfast. I made up some porridge with her milk, then Lynne took her for a bath in the sink. After that, I decided to put her in her new grey dress, because it looked so cute!

I got dressed and was about to start packing, when Esme decided she wanted a cuddle. As I picked her up, she decided she didn’t quite like the top I was wearing and was sick on it, catching my hair as well.
photo 2After giving my hair a wipe and having a quick change of clothes, we checked out and made our way to Wind Street again, where we had breakfast. We went to a place called Crepe Vine, where I had a toastie, Lynne had a mexican breakfast crepe, and Sophie had a rocky rabbit waffle.
photo 1When Sophie’s arrived, Lynne and I suddenly felt jealous and prayed that she wouldn’t eat it all so we could have a taste.

Luckily, she couldn’t eat it all, so we managed to have some!
Esme on the other hand, turned her nose up at her toast and fell asleep.

We did some shopping in Primark, where Lynne and I spent lots of money, and Soph and I got sparkly jumpers, because we’re cool.

After that, it was across the road to Lush, where I spent even more money.

Back again!

Back again!

Due to not having as much time as Sophie would have liked in Toys ‘R’ Us the day before, we returned before we went home.

I couldn’t help myself but buy Esme even more things. I wanted to get her a cuddly toy, but all the ones I could find had buttons for the eyes and nose. Eventually, I came across a cuddly Eeyore, which Esme took a liking to, and started calling it ‘Dad’.

I also decided to grab her a couple pairs of shoes that I know she’ll never wear, and a Storm Trooper sleepsuit.

Little trooper!

Little trooper!

It was a great weekend away and I’m sure I’ll do it again (maybe after pay day though)!

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