A Sunday stroll on Newgale beach

14572247_1830458623851632_1659949645910383731_nOn Sunday, we decided to go out for a walk across Newgale beach, and it was fantastic! Normally, Newgale is extremely windy, which makes it perfect for surfers! However, it was very calm and idyllic on Sunday, and a perfect place to let Esme explore.

A trip to the beach cleanses the soul, I think. I love going to the beach, and being near water calms me. People have said before it’s a cancerian trait, but I think it’s the same for most people.

It’s probably one of the reasons I miss living in Broad Haven. Maybe one day we will return to the seaside to live, but for now, I think I’m pretty happy staying put! Moving is hard work!

So, after a lazy Sunday morning, we decided that we would go out for a walk. I wasn’t sure where at first and asked Al to see if he fancied anywhere in particular, because I’m rubbish at thinking of places to go.

Al suggested Newgale, and I loved the idea. Esme had never been to Newgale before and it had been ages since I had been, so we got showered and dressed and made our way to the beach!

Newgale is lined with thousands of pebbles that block the view of the sea if you’re standing on the other side of them. We parked in the car park, and Al and I held Esme hands as we walked toward the top together.

Esme didn’t know what she was going to see when she got to the brow of the hill of pebbles, and when she finally cast her eyes on the breathtaking view, she stopped in her tracks to look at it, before deciding that she’d really like to get onto the sand to play!

Al picked her up and carried her the rest of the way, and I managed to capture some beautiful photos.


Esme loves picking up the sand and squeezing it in her hands so that it runs through her fingers. She likes to pick it up and throw it, and when her hands have become too mucky, she likes to wipe her hands on my legs! I was wearing a skirt and tights on Sunday, so the wet sand wasn’t the nicest of sensations! Although, I’ve had worse such as being sick on.

We walked toward the water, and walked toward it when the tide went out, and ran away from it when it returned. It was perfect! She also decided to get onto her hands and knees at one point, and pretend to be one of the elephants partaking in Colonel Hathi’s Elephant March from The Jungle Book!


We decided to take a little rest and sit on the pebbles for a while. We picked up some of the ones that surrounded us and studied them. I considered taking some home to put in a box and maybe make something creative with them.

I love pebbles. I find it extraordinary how they have come to be there, and I love their smooth texture. They’re rather satisfying to hold, I think. I managed to fight the urge to bring home more things that I plan to do something with and never have, and I put the pebbles back down again. Although, I might have a look on Pinterest soon to see what creative things I might be able to do with them!

14449720_1830458750518286_3185061707060824302_n 14522989_1830458723851622_5694610891802718846_n

We had one last little walk on the sand, before the sun came out and started to scorch us all! I’m always surprised by Autumnal weather. It’s not cold, but it’s not warm either. I never know whether or not I should be wearing a coat!

Our little trip to Newgale was wonderful. I absolutely loved seeing Esme play with the sand, running about without a care in the world with the wonderful man I’m proud to say is my other half.



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  2. What a lovely beach. Is it terrible to admit that I don’t know where Newgate is? Here in Brighton we only have pebbles on the beach and no sand, so it’s not very comfy underfoot though it is beautiful.

    • Haha! Newgale is a beach in Pembrokeshire, and is situated near St David’s! It’s a perfect place to go surfing – the waves are always high because the beach is so open. I think it’s over a mile long, actually!

      Pebbles line this beach so the water doesn’t go onto the road. When we have stormy weather, the pebbles get strewn across the road though. A bus had a wave come over it one day and the pebbles smashed the windows! Why it was driving past the beach that day though, I don’t know. Haha! x

  3. Autumn is a lovely time to visit the beach! The beach looks beautiful and so pretty. I agree a trip to the beach really does cleanse the soul. Lovely post & photos #Chasing Nature

  4. What a stunning beach – I love visiting the seaside outside of summer because it’s that bit wilder, and you tend to have it more to yourself! You did well not to indulge the magpie instinct, if there’s anywhere that makes me and the kids guaranteed treasure-hunters it’s the beach. Lovely photos, we’re rather landlocked in the midlands and you’ve made me so jealous 🙂 #ChasingNature

    • I’m terrible! Haha! The amount of art and crafts things I have at home is ridiculous. It’s quite funny you say that actually – I have two magpies tattooed on my right arm! Haha!

      It’s not often I go to Newgale. I normally go to Broad Haven, which is a little closer. But Newgale is so pretty, and it’s so long!
      Ah, that’s sad! Haha, don’t be jealous. Maybe be should hold a blogger meet in Pembrokeshire by the beach some time? 😛 x

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