Abuse is never okay

Everyone loves to rant on Facebook, don’t they? People get so passionate about things that are so minuscule and forget about what actually matters in the world, or just plain and simply fail to see the real point of an … Continue reading

Help Save Eliza: A brave 2-year-old battling cancer

A brave, beautiful little girl has captured my heart, who is currently in desperate need of donations to get the cancer treatment she needs. Eliza and her family live very close to me, and she reminds me of my own … Continue reading

Are we being indoctrinated?

Most of us will have noticed that adverts have started appearing on the TV, trying to get us to start buying toys for our sons, daughters, nieces and nephews for Christmas. Unfortunately, I have fallen for their trap, and have … Continue reading

When you’re disgusted with the world

  I know I shouldn’t be shocked by the world any more, but I am. I always am. I don’t even know if shocked is the right word. I’m more horrified and disgusted. I don’t quite understand the mentality of … Continue reading