A trip to Broad Haven with Grandad

I really wanted to get out this week and try out my camera properly. I wanted to go somewhere with lots of trees to capture the wonderful seasonal colours, but I wasn’t exactly sure where to go. For someone who … Continue reading

I am no longer a reporter

After spending three years as a reporter, I’ve decided to jump ship. I left sixth form in June 2013, and after spending a couple of months working behind a bar, I managed to get myself a job at a local … Continue reading

Trying out my new camera!

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve wanted to get myself a decent camera. I’ve always envied other bloggers who display beautiful photos, thanks to being able to get their hands on a brilliant camera. When Kelly (from Nature Mum Blog) … Continue reading

Horse riding in the dark

Throughout the summer, I continuously asked myself whether or not I would wish to continue horse riding in the Autumn and Winter months. Not only would it be getting colder, it would be getting darker, and I’m not sure that … Continue reading

A Sunday stroll on Newgale beach

On Sunday, we decided to go out for a walk across Newgale beach, and it was fantastic! Normally, Newgale is extremely windy, which makes it perfect for surfers! However, it was very calm and idyllic on Sunday, and a perfect … Continue reading

A trip to the park with Sophie and Arthur

On Saturday, Esme decided she really didn’t fancy having a morning or an afternoon nap. She had become unwell a few days before and had managed to pass it on to me and Nanny Jill (Al seems to have evaded … Continue reading

Why are we not equal?

I was talking to a friend of mine about wages this week, and we were discussing how absurd it is that someone is paid less because of their age. The current rates for minimum wage as of October 1, 2016 … Continue reading

Abuse is never okay

Everyone loves to rant on Facebook, don’t they? People get so passionate about things that are so minuscule and forget about what actually matters in the world, or just plain and simply fail to see the real point of an … Continue reading

Help Save Eliza: A brave 2-year-old battling cancer

A brave, beautiful little girl has captured my heart, who is currently in desperate need of donations to get the cancer treatment she needs. Eliza and her family live very close to me, and she reminds me of my own … Continue reading

Are we being indoctrinated?

Most of us will have noticed that adverts have started appearing on the TV, trying to get us to start buying toys for our sons, daughters, nieces and nephews for Christmas. Unfortunately, I have fallen for their trap, and have … Continue reading