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Frankenstein: The best ballet I’ve ever seen -   Having never seen Frankenstein before, I was extremely looking forward to seeing it performed as a ballet, after being provided with tickets by The Torch Theatre. I must admit, I was feeling a little skeptical – how can a … Continue reading
I’m a Full Time Mum. And I’m a reporter. - There is something that has been bugging me for a while. It’s something that I feel I need to get off my chest, and after careful consideration, I’ve decided to do so. So, here it goes. I am a full … Continue reading
Fun and giggles and Trecco Bay - It’s been one week since Esme and I left Trecco Bay in Porthcawl, and it’s sad that she’s probably forgotten everything about it already. Thankfully, I don’t have the memory of a 1-year-old, so my fond memories will stay with … Continue reading
Esme’s first beach trip - Since Esme started walking, Al and I couldn’t wait to bring her to the beach! We used to live by the beach, but she never had the opportunity of walking along it, because she couldn’t walk when we lived there! … Continue reading
Robot by CJ Wildheart: My review - CJ Wildheart released his new album, ‘Robot’ thanks to his fans, who gave him the support to produce it through Pledge. So, when it arrived, I thought I’d write a review regarding my first impressions, having listened to the album … Continue reading


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