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What it’s like to be a reporter - I love my job, and I’ve been doing it for what feels like a very long time! I get to do such a huge range of things within my role, some of which are amazing, and some of which are … Continue reading
Life as a news reader for Herald Radio - As many of you will know, I have started working for a radio station that covers Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, and I absolutely love it! Herald Radio is another one of Thomas Sinclair’s crazy ideas, and once again he’s pulled … Continue reading
Know where the line is - Humour exists so that we can laugh at situations that are horrible, because it helps us deal with those situations. Of course, if something terrible has happened to you and somebody made fun out of you, it isn’t funny. But … Continue reading
The takeover of ‘Facebook politicians’ - Since the announcement of a snap general election, almost everybody has taken to Facebook to discuss their political beliefs.  This is fine, of course. Facebook is a way to connect with others, share your opinions and engage with others regarding political … Continue reading
Stop pretending you care - The debate over whether the culling of badgers should happen is something that is still generating a lot of heat from people around west Wales, with people calling it cruel to have to kill cows that have contracted tuberculosis (TB). But, … Continue reading


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