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Stop pretending you care - The debate over whether the culling of badgers should happen is something that is still generating a lot of heat from people around west Wales, with people calling it cruel to have to kill cows that have contracted tuberculosis (TB). But, … Continue reading
My Dragon Pro Wrestling experience! - On Sunday (Feb 26), I went all the way to Cardiff to participate in my first EVER wrestling lesson with Dragon Pro Wrestling. Al introduced me to the delights of WWE when we first started dating, and I’ve loved it … Continue reading
A letter to Esme: My beautfiful 2-year-old girl - To my beautiful, brown-eyed girl. On Sunday, you turned 2 years old. I’ve been referring to you as a two-year-old for months, so it didn’t seem so much of a shock to me as it was when you turned 1! … Continue reading
Little Steps: January Blog of the Month! - I haven’t done all that much with my blog lately, but I thought it was about time that I announced who would be crowned Blogger of the month for January!  Last month we had Alina Davies from We Made This … Continue reading
Abortion is okay - With the election of Donald Trump, people have been talking about his opinion regarding abortion, which in a way is a good thing. It’s something that I feel needs to be talked about, and not be so much of a … Continue reading


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